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Ok ladies.  You’re feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list and drowning in brilliant ideas but struggling to bring them to life? 😩

Why can everyone else seem to create beautiful wonderful WORKING things and you’re left wanting to throw the laptop out the window, drink a bucket full of rose and look for jobs in a cute bookshop or vintage cafe!!!!

A secret – we’ve all felt like that, yes even that mum at the school gates every day who runs a successful business and shows up on line like a pro! Even her!

You see others succeed and wonder how they do it all so smoothly while you’re stuck in the mundane tasks that seem to never end. But fear not, as always I’ve got some magic up my sleeve that will make your life a whole lot easier – automation – SIMPLE automation! 🌟

I’m sharing some quick tips here, some you might be able to run off and do today or this week, some you might need some help with – you know where we are 📞!  

  1. Email auto-responders

    Tired of typing the same old messages? Set up email auto-responders to handle those repetitive enquiries, so you can focus on more important things, be that the money making stuff, the fun stuff or the all important self care stuff like taking a lunch break and doing that pilates! 🧘🏼‍♀️ 
  1. Template emails

    If you’re like me or ANY of our clients you send similar emails all the time. Create sh*t hot template emails, and watch how easy, quick (and dare I say fun?) your communication becomes! 💻
  1. Social media scheduler

    Some people are still manually posting and if that’s you I can guess it’s because you’re struggling to think what to say, don’t have a batching system in place or you’re just posting as and when you remember that you SHOULD be!   Say goodbye to manually posting! Automate your social media posts, and voilà – more time to spend doing the more fun stuff!  I have Canva pro and do all my designing, writing and scheduling from there, it’s sooo worth it! 📝 
  1. Automate your lead magnet and nurture sequences:

    Attract your dream clients effortlessly with 1 or 2 lead magnets that really speak to them and add true value.  Then follow up with top notch nurture sequences. Once set up, they’ll work like a dream, even while you sleep your dream clients are getting your content and loving it! 😴 
  1. Online contact forms

    Stop juggling enquiries/questions from different platforms. Have ONE online contact form that auto adds them to your email list/CRM and then directs them to your booking link (see point 7), and you’ll have a streamlined process AND all your lead/client details in one place. 📝
  1. Task reminders

    Sick of forgetting important dates or tasks? Stop relying on your memory – this is what makes the brain feel frazzled and fried! You can get reminders delivered straight to your inbox/phone!  I’ve recently started using IFTTT which is fab for this and LOADS of other automations 📆
  1. Appointment scheduling

    STOP THE endless email to and fro-ing to find a suitable time for meetings. Automate your appointment scheduling and save time for other (more fun) stuff.  We use Calendly which integrates best in my opinion! 🔖 
  1. Customer onboarding

    Make a fantastic first impression with automated customer onboarding processes. Your clients will feel well-taken care of right from the start! I love using Dubsado but having a simple checklist on your Trello board that you follow each time works just as well 🤝
  1. Birthday and anniversary greetings

    Show your clients some love with automated birthday and anniversary greetings. A little personal touch goes a long way!  I use my CRM to send me reminder emails – winner! 🎉
  1. Follow-up sequences

    Strengthen your relationships with clients by automating follow-up sequences. They’ll feel nurtured and valued, and you’ll have more time for yourself!  I personally use Mailchimp but I find the free version of Mailerlite is also fab! 💌

We help you get all these magical automations in place! You’ll find balance and get back that spark you’ve been missing, that fun and enjoyment you’ve lost in your business. No more drowning in mundane tasks, no more missing out on exciting opportunities. You’ll have the space and energy to turn your brilliant ideas into reality.  It really does ease that busy brain! 

To get you started you can download my FREE Automations Checklist, and you’ll be on your way to a more balanced and joyful life! 🎁

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Remember, lovely, you’ve got the power to transform your business and your life. With automation by your side, the possibilities are endless!