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I bloody love Christmas, the whole holiday season can but I know firsthand how stressful it is.  It’s magical yes, but usually because of the hard work you put in!

Chuck in your business, keeping your clients happy, meeting deadlines- need I go on, it builds up and in a lot of cases, becomes too much! When you finally finish work to ‘enjoy’ the break you get hit with sickness that doesn’t clear properly until January and your back to the grind!

Last year I wrote myself a ‘lessons learned’ doc from Christmas and I’ve just pulled together ten practical tips to dial down the holiday stress without compromising the festive fun…

Delegate Like Santa’s Chief Elf
You’re smashing your business so you know your time is a precious gift. Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant can be key! It gives you space to focus on the stuff you NEED to do in the business and the fun stuff you get to do. It might be a little late for this Christmas but get the ball rolling now for an easy January and year ahead ☺

‘Tis the Season for Time Blocking
When I have a looooong list time blocking is my best friend.  It helps me plan my days, diary, client work, biz work, family life, gym bla bla bla.  Get the most from your time when you block out specific periods for work, family time, and self-care. Stick to these time blocks as much as possible to keep clear and focused.

Calendar Magic
Share your digital calendars or task management tools with your team and your family.  Make sure there are set reminders for important events, appointments, and deadlines to avoid any last-minute rush. Having someone else’s eye’s on your schedule means they can pick up some stuff for you.

Christmas List Mastery
Simplify gift shopping by creating a list of recipients and gift ideas well in advance. Consider online shopping or delegating this task to a personal shopper or family member, this is also something your virtual assistant can help with, and trust me, shopping is my superpower 🦸‍♀️

Sleigh Bells and Self-Care
I REALLY need to focus on this one myself it’s in fact my number 1 this year.  Prioritise self-care! Even a few minutes of meditation, a brisk walk, or deep breathing exercises can work wonders to refresh your mind and body.  Don’t leave it till January, it will be too late.

Wrap Up Work Projects
As Christmas approaches, finalise any pending work projects or set them aside for the New Year. Clearing your workload can help you enjoy the festivities without looming deadlines. I actually just put everything per client on one big piece of paper, handwriting helped me see what I could group, delegate and prioritise. 

Cook Smarter, Not Harder
You’ll know I’m food obsessed by now, I simplify meal planning by preparing dishes in advance, using my freezer and choosing simple meals. Your virtual assistant could also sort you out with meal preps, online food deliveries or food shopping if you need them to. 

Jingle All the Way to Automation
You know I can’t miss automation off my list. Automate repetitive tasks where possible, whether it’s scheduling social media posts or setting up automated email responses. Spending the time doing this now saves time in the long run.  This is usually the first thing we do when a new client hires us.

Festive Family Fun
Plan enjoyable and de-stress activities with your family. Whether it’s decorating cookies, watching a movie, or playing board games, these moments create those all important memories. I also like to involve my son in helping with making table decs, doing some cleaning and sorting etc.  So he learns there’s work involved but we make it fun and do it together. 

Show gratitude and festive cheer
Maybe this should be my number 1 actually, we need to remember, it’s not about perfection it’s about joy and togetherness. Embrace imperfections, laugh off mishaps, and savour the magical moments and memories.

This holiday season, let’s ace the Christmas chaos with efficiency, wow everyone with how we ‘do it all’ 😂. If you need an extra hand, we’ve got your back! Reach out for a chat about how we can sprinkle some festive magic into your business all year round!