10 Things to know about me…

As I start my new business venture, I wanted to give you a bit of an insight into me, who I am, why I have started Ministry VA and how I will benefit all of my customers.  Read on and give us a like, comment or share the love! If you don’t need my help do you know anyone who may?  I offer a referral gift if you refer someone to me who purchases one of my packages you will receive a thank you gift from me.


1 –      I am fiercely passionate!

I don’t enter into anything lightly.  I am passionate about what I do- if I am not passionate about it I wont do it and if I have to do it (like house work) I make it into something that I can get more passionate about.  Well in all honesty I award myself with something I am passionate about.  Sort my email inbox, read a personal development article, pay the bills, make a nice breakfast, complete a long task, take the dog out! Job- reward that’s how I like to work!

2 –      An addict!

To all things stationary, Pinterest, anything food related, interiors, shopping and travel!!  As a link to the line above I get addicted to things I am passionate about.  I get addicted to new ideas, new processes, solving problems, reaching goals, setting goals, success, support and fun fun fun!

(But my actual addiction is Diet Coke so if anyone has any quitting tactics let me know!)

3 –      Top skill is…

Spotting links where others don’t.  This can be anything that results in time saving, removing duplication, seeing new or missed opportunity, simplifying life and offering clarity.  I think simplicity is so overlooked, in a world with so many things to make our life easier, apps, timers, alarms, alerts, millions of ways to stay in touch, its actually harder? Its become too complex!

4 –      Favourite Friday night is…

Early doors in the wine bar on my high street, food platter and a chilled bottle of something, let the baby munch on some goodies in there then early to bed for him while we have friends round for more wine and a delicious meal! Mainly the wine and the company and I don’t care where I am!

5 –      My degree is in …

Retail management and fashion buying.  It’s something I have recently worked in until redundancy where I was part of the learning and development team for House of Fraser, looking after various aspects of the function for the whole company.

6 –      My favourite task to do for clients is…

Events and travel.  I love to support with any learning event (or any social and party event if I am being honest).  To see a clients ideas come to life and let them do what they do best knowing that everything else is sorted is fantastic.  And with travel- well I am always looking at new destinations for myself so love to get to see new places popping up that I can do a bit of research about.  I also like to again know that customers are having fun with their time while I sort out things that can be a massive headache- mainly stag doos I have found!

7 –      The most satisfactory job to do is…

Filing! I honestly never in a million years thought I would say this but there is nothing better than an organised email inbox or one drive.  To see folders created from thousand of documents and know that my customer can get to what they need quickly gives me a very weird sense of satisfaction.

8 –      The hardest job I have ever done is

Honestly- working a busy drive thru at McDonalds.  Before the days of contactless and apple pay, before the fancy headsets and two lane ordering system.  We were out there in the cold with a little hand held ordering thing that never worked.  Being yelled at by customers with approximately 17 kids in their car all wanting specially adapted happy meals! The stress is real! I don’t find what I do now hard, I just enjoy the challenges and this is because I love it much more that I would ever love that drive thru window! But thanks to McDonalds for teaching the 16 year old me the important skills of customer service, fast paced environments and keeping my cool!

9 –      I am obsessed with people succeeding

I don’t think I am happier than when I see one smile, one thank you, see one person promoted/new job on linked in and know that I have played a part in their development somewhere along the line.  Part of the reason for starting Ministry VA was to ensure that companies without the ability to have a dedicated L&D function would have access to a great development tool for their teams (or themselves).  Or that clubs and groups could invest in some personal or group development that would benefit them and help to ensure their future success. Whether its seeing someone in a session I am delivering get that learning point, or knowing I have organised a fantastic session with an awesome provider, and then seeing results, its amazing to know people have learned, changed, developed and then succeeded!

10 –   I wear my heart on my sleeve

What you see is what you get is so so true with me.  I am honest, to the point, constructive and feedback is always given.  I strive to do my best for everyone whether that’s customers, family, friends, my son, colleagues and connections. I never do anything that doesn’t sit right with me and I gravitate towards other authentic honest people.  I always do things that result in fun, whether that’s for me or others fun is the goal!


So if you think I can help you, get in touch! If you think I can help someone else, let them know and bag yourself a gift!
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