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Once you master Trello, your organisation skills come so much easier BUT you have to get into the habit of actually using and updating it otherwise it’s another app that sits clogging up your phone and time!

Going to jump straight into this one.

1- Update on the go

There are a new ways to update Trello, either directly in the app or my favourite, by email.  If I see something for instance an Instagram post and I want to action it or use it as inspiration, I email it to my Trello board and it lands in my ‘to do and inspo’ list. It’s there ready and waiting for me to put it into my plan when I’m working.
2- Organise in YOUR way

There is no RIGHT way to use Trello so you can fully customise it to suit you.  Whether it’s a project, event planning, renovation tracker, pipeline, social content bank, you can use it however is suits you AND use as many boards as you like even on the FREE plan! 

3- 100s of templates

And even though you can use it your way, there are literally tonnes of templates you can just grab and use.  Amazing!

4- Collaborate with ease

If you delegate, work with other clients and teams then having a one stop place for all communications is an absolute must if you don’t want to miss anything.  You can add members to board and the assign projects, tasks, due dates, checklists, whatever you wish.  It’s super clear because you then know everything to do with that person, client, team member etc is in one place.

5- Outline processes with ease

Checklists are my best friend in Trello and the perfect place to map out your processes.  I love them so much and you will too. You know how it is when you’re doing something in your business that gets done 1000 times but you always worry you’ve missed a bit? Build it into a checklist.  This is great for onboarding, training, writing, social posting…the list is endless.  But following the process each time and checking things off, it makes you feel so much more in control whilst also being super efficient saving a tonne of time, effort, worry and headspace. It’s also great because as your business grows and you delegate tasks, the process is there ready and waiting to be done by someone else leaving you to focus on profit making and having fun!

6- Makes a great content bank

So many of my clients ask me for an easy way to store and re-use content and Trello is the answer. You can plan content here, use it for ideas, date when it was last used, store additional images, you name it! Again this really helps when delegating content creation or re-posting and can save a tonne of time creating new stuff.  And the feeling of knowing that your content is there to be easily reused is so satisfying.

7- Never lose your to do list

You know that scrap of paper on your desk, the notepad by your bed, the notes section on your phone, the to do list in the kitchen and the back of your hand…they can always get lost, washed or thrown away.  Once you’re in the habit of popping it straight into Trello, it’s there ready and waiting.  Trust me, you will feel happier when you’re confident you’re not forgetting things.

8- Automate EVERYTHING 

With power ups (you get 1 on the free version and unlimited on business (about £10 a month) you can pretty much automate and link whatever you like.  I’ve only scratched the surface on this but I love that when something is due I get calendar reminders and that when I finish a daily checklist, it clears it and moves it to the next day for me.  You will find your way with these but there is pretty much an answer for everything.

9- Delegate effectively

It really helps with delegation as you know everything can be processed, in one place and nothing is missed.  It creates a great paper trail so you can see what’s been done, missed and even flip the view into project mode, or calendar mode to get a real top level view on your business.

10- Sorts your sh*t out!

This is actually the best way I can describe it.  You stop feeling scatty and unorganized, stop worrying that you’ve missed or forgotten something because you know, it’s all there waiting for you. 

I prefer to use it on the PC but when I’m out and about everything gets dumped into on the app so I never forget anything. It will change your life.  When you start to work with us you get your own client board that we completely tailor for you.  It’s a place where you and your VA can communicate, update on projects, track tasks, store content, keep useful links, store brand story and photos…the list goes on.  It’s a super effective way of working together and makes the handover process slick and not at all scary!

If you feel you need to delegate and make some space in your business, we now offer 5 hour per month retainers and I’d love to chat with you to see if outsourcing will work in your business?

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