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It’s too hard.
It takes too much time.
I’ve tried it before, and it didn’t work.

All things I’ve heard when telling people about outsourcing and how it helps their business and probably something you’re thinking right now, but hear me out. 

If you want some more space to create, speak with prospects or enjoy your business again then follow these 3 steps and get some of the things you hate doing, can’t do or don’t want to do finally handed over.

1- Brain dump everything! 

Just grab a wine (if you’ve read some of my blogs before you’re starting to see a trend here), a comfy spot, a pen (leave the screens and distractions) and set a timer.  Grab this free workbook and work your way through it.  You will brain dump tasks and learn a couple of ways to organise/sort them.  This will help you to see what someone else can take from you to start with and once you’ve made that first jump with a couple of tasks, you’ll find the rest of it so much easier.

2- Find the right person.

For this one, don’t overthink it.  Find someone who has the vibe you like, someone you think you could easily chat to, create with and trust.  Speak to your business friends about what VA’s they use, have a look on By My Va or Society of VA’s for VA listings.  You can always reach out in any memberships/Facebook groups you’re in too.

That said I would ALWAYS have a discovery call with them so you can ask them questions and basically just see if you like them and can imagine working with them. Get a call booked in with us today and we can help you figure out if outsourcing is right for you.

3- Work with the systems you already work with. 

I don’t mean tech systems here as a VA may have some suggestions that will work better for you.  But I mean systems as in the way you do stuff.  So if you brain dump everything on paper and use pen and paper to do lists then still do! Equally if you have a particular day a week where you do CEO work in your business, still do.  You need to work the way that is productive for you even if the person you’re outsourcing to doesn’t work that day/time then you still can and they will come round to it when agreed.

But keeping your systems or ways of working will really help you feel comfortable with the outsourcing process and the ongoing delegation.

Outsourcing can seem like an investment of time to start with but as you’ve probably heard me say, 5 minutes of organising can save an hour of time.  We’re here to help you get that space in your business, fall in love with it again and do the stuff you wanted to do when you started your company.

That’s all I want for you 💕