3 Steps to Start Loving Life Again!

When I launched Ministry VA I did it from a place of wondering, excitement and a need to LOVE my life again.  Now don’t get me wrong, I did LOVE my corporate role but now I can see things differently and want to share that! I took an opportunity to sit down and do all the stuff your meant to do- goals, vision etc. What did I want to get from life?

That aside, supporting our family business, I realised that its hard to love your life when you are doing a lot of stuff that you never planned to do, didn’t know you would have to do or are just plain rubbish at!  I took the time to automate, focus, plan and re-direct the business and it freed up the hubby’s time, increase profit and improved efficiency/service for customers.  So we were given the chance to design a life we loved and that worked for us.

So why should you love life?

I think we have become slightly conditioned to think its ok to be out of the house all hours (and usually only paid for 8 of them), we think we should be rushing around, diaries full of meetings or phone calls.  Its almost as if its become a sign that we are successful, accomplished or maybe ‘worthy’.  Well I’m calling it- its no way to live! We also think its ok that the mundane is the ‘norm’ in our life.  That our Saturday’s should be spend washing, cleaning, doing tax returns etc etc.

I will talk about designing your ideal day, what does it look like, feel like, whose there etc.  I write an ideal work day, a non-work weekday and a weekend (obviously the jobs still need to get done) but I am not willing to give them a full day out of my precious 7!!

Now not every day fits into the ideal but because I know what I am aiming to achieve from that day, it makes the ‘bumps’ easier to deal with.

So, lets start basic with these 3 tips to love your life again, this is just the foundations…


Step 1 Automate and plan.

Honestly- this is my favourite time saving hack, and time saving obviously allows you to spend the time you have doing things that add more value to you.  Some examples-

  • Food deliveries- I don’t use a big corporate but a local farm shop, regular deliveries, next day delivery, fresh, mainly plastic free and always quality produce. Supporting a small business too is a bonus.  But automating this means I can quickly order the fruit veg etc for the next couple of days while on call waiting, waiting for a meeting etc etc.
  • Cleaning schedule- Head to google or Pinterest and search out a schedule. Most of these have a small activity to do each day which means that you won’t need to do a BIG CLEAN on one of your precious 7 days!
  • Plan things in at the start of the week/month that you cannot move- your gym sessions, your meet up with friends, time with the family- and DON’T MOVE THEM. We wouldn’t dream of moving a ‘work’ meeting but then we dismiss our own things like they don’t matter! Be strict! But also diarising them means you get a reminder to do them!

Step 2- Think.

  • Ideal day- I’ve already mentioned this, but get a pen, a board, Pinterest, a post it, your phone- anything! Sit down and think about what your ideal day would look like. As I said I like to do an ideal work day, a none work weekday and a weekend.  I also have an ULTIMATE IDEAL DAY so that if I ever find a day with no commitments etc I know exactly what I want to do! Be sure to let me know what yours is, if you put things out there they are much more likely to happen.  Once you have done this it is also a great idea to look at what you need to do differently to move closer to this ideal day.  Don’t worry if you are miles away- this is a work towards, and trust me just by writing it down (and sharing it) it makes it easier, its front of mind, more of a focus.
  • Vision and goals- I have a clear business vision and then a life goals board. I have this as my phone wallpaper and the background on my laptop, I have shared it with family and friends and even on my social networks.  Again put these things out to the real world- let them see/share your goals and visions.  What you talk about and focus on happens!

Step 3- Challenge the ‘norm’.

  • Don’t fall into the … “This is just the way it is” trap. Your life is YOURS, no one else’s.  If you do stuff because you think you should, or you always have, or that’s just the ‘way it is’ then you are setting yourself up to live a mundane/average life, not the one you LOVE!
  • Have a look at the stuff you do because you think you should, what can be changed, stopped or delegated??
  • I find this mainly applies to things like, having a cleaner/hiring a painter/gardener.  People see these things as a luxury, something they could do themselves.  Ask yourself this, can you do it as quickly, efficiently etc?  Value your own time above those.  A painter might be £100 for half a day.  It could take you 3 days, do you really only value your time at £33 per day?  Or a virtual assistant.  One of my clients was spending a day a week doing what I sort for him in just half of his monthly retainer so in effect he was valuing his days at £30 a day! His hourly rate is more than that- just makes no sense!


So do it now, start to make the steps to love your life.  Let me know what you decide to do first…

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