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If you’ve seen me around you’ll know I get annoyed with VA’s saying we give you more TIME.  If we could do that we’d be bazillionaires! As much as people say “we need more time” “I wish we had time for that” etc etc, it’s just not possible.

So, I talk about all the EXTRA’s you get.  The wins of working with a VA whatever project or tasks we’re doing for you.  I started to write this as a social post and realised there were LOADS of results, benefits, wins for you as a client.

So here goes…I’ve tried to categorise so you can see the areas of benefit, and I know I’ve missed some!

Increased client care

  • You have more time and space to focus on new and existing clients.
  • We can look into your client care for you and improve it.
  • Automated onboarding.
  • CRM system installed, updated, cleaned.
  • Improved documents/proposals/slide decks to be on brand and wow your client/prospect.
  • Strong, organised and consistent email marketing.
  • Clear lead magnet/funnel and socials that will HELP your client.
  • Headspace to spot new opportunities.
  • The time to offer more WOW experience.
  • Emails/customer enquiries ALWAYS responded to.


  • Easier to plan.
  • Decision making becomes easier.
  • Focus knowing that the day to day stuff is happening.
  • Feel fulfilled at the end of the day, not frazzled.
  • Feel present at networking, in meetings and in home life without the brain constantly ticking over about things that aren’t getting done.


  • Spending your time doing what you’re good at.
  • Structure means you can plan fun in.
  • Also, the crappy bits are being done so you have fun IN the business too!
  • Finish on time to be there for the park, school run, drinks, meal out, workout etc.
  • Spend your weekends/days off doing what YOU want, not the crappy parts of your business.

Sound board

  • Someone to run ideas passed
  • A second business brain.
  • A proof reading set of eyes.
  • On hand admin support.
  • Someone to proof your content plan and ideas.

 Personal/Professional Brand, presence or reputation increases.

  • No more missing appointments.
  • Headspace to spend more time adding value on social media rather than just ticking it off your list.
  • Appear calm and professional because you’re not rushing onto the next thing.
  • Able to talk about your business at the school gates, social situations etc and seem truly happy with it, not downbeat.
  • Proud about your business and able to explain it with complete clarity in any situation instead of worrying that they know someone who might want to work with you and you don’t have time!


  • Use those memberships you pay for.
  • Able to network as you can attend training sessions.
  • Develop other skills to grow your offering and attract new business.
  • Continue to grow the business with confidence you can manage it all.
  • Know that you can actually do those things you put in your diary with such good intentions.

Sense of achievement

  • You feel calm and collected whilst reaching goals instead of frazzled and stuck with a huge to do list making you feel trapped.
  • See the profits increase and the business grow whilst focussing on the things you’re good at.
  • Feel accomplished at the end of the week rather than ground down.
  • Actively market your business knowing you can fill your time with money making work as the background is being looked after.
  • Review your business every month with confidence knowing you have space to set new goals.


  • You get the feeling that things are finished rather than hanging over you.
  • Space to workout, stretch, walk, move your body and look after yourself- truly without feeling guilty or thinking about what’s not getting done.
  • Improve work balance- not working ALL the hours and still not getting anywhere
  • The fun elements we spoke about before, they will help you relax and feel like you’re actually truly present and enjoying what you do in and out of work.
  • Time to eat, drink water and move away from the desk.

So, there we have it, just a few results that people have from working with a VA or outsourcing other tasks in their business.  It’s more than the obvious, much more.

Book a call if you want to benefit from a few (or all) of these.