5 FUN ways to prepare for the week ahead!

Sometimes when I read these ‘MUST DO’ articles I do wonder how any of them would save me any time or leave any time for fun and life!! I am a planner, I am organised but the last thing I want my Sunday to be is a list of work or practical things to do for the week ahead.  However, I recognise the benefits that organisation and some preparation bring!  I feel more in control, the week is easier and everyone is happier! BUT that doesn’t mean I have to do loads of boring stuff or chain myself to the kitchen or an ironing board every Sunday!  I am not a routine fan, the routines I do have I change up often, I like to keep them fresh and fun! So many of these articles and blogs that recommend things to do on a Sunday to prepare for Monday honestly leave no space for fun, family and enjoyment! I would spend longer preparing for my week than actually living it! And you know by now that’s not what I am about.

So when you read this list, whilst the outcome will be practical but you will have fun, I am looking at things in a bit of a different way and things that can all be washed down with a swig of Sunday best!! A way that means you are prepared, you are organised but you are having fun, you have may have made a difference and you are fulfilled in other areas of your life.  All of this will propel you on to have a great week as you will be itching to get to Sunday Funday once more!

1- Shop! 

Does this word fill you with dread?  Well, we have various different ways we can do the ‘food shop’ but either way it has to be done and I recommend doing it on a Sunday, slowly and at a farm shop or a garden centre with a food hall.  Somewhere you can get decent LOCAL produce.  You can combine it with breakfast or lunch out, or a picnic nearby or strawberry picking or interiors shopping- can you tell I am getting excited for you!  You can have fun, mix up what you eat and support local businesses.  Who knows you may even be able to chuck in a bit of ‘casual networking’ by getting to know local businesses and the people that run them and/or shop in them! Everyone is a potential customer!!


2- Play! 

Have you ever gotten to the end of the week and realised not one ‘work out’ box has been ticked off in your planner, or your exercise rings haven’t once closed this week?  This last month with the business picking up my Fitbit is constantly shouting at me, it clearly thinks I have had my legs chopped off compared with all the activity I was doing when I had no clients! Well let’s not get ‘exercise’ on our to-do list for Sunday, lets play! Now that could be tennis or football, something organised, or it could be yoga with the kids, a game of tick, take the dog out, go to a country park, get going on a climb, visit your first park run! Even if you are slightly hungover you want to make sure you have playtime, so calling it just that is going to be easier than making “exercise” time! AND the more social (distanced or not depending on when you are reading) the more fun!


3- Eat! 

Get people around but while you are in the kitchen preparing food for that, do a couple of extra meals ready for the fridge, or even prep your veg or breakfasts! I am a big fan that if I am dirtying a knife, a chopping board and some pans I am making at least 2 meals and doing some prep! Knowing that you have your dinner/tea for a day or two half done or even ready to heat is an amazing feeling that frees up some time on the days that naturally are more hectic than a Sunday.  You will be amazed how much difference your pre-sliced onions make on a busy Tuesday evening when you are starving and just want foooood!


4- Socialise! 

All of the above can involve other people.  It may be family, who you see all the time, friends you need to connect with as it’s been so long.  But making time to do this on a Sunday gives you the warm fuzzies.  Sunday’s have a feeling of rest, chill and slowness to them.  If we interpret this rest/chill as a time to catch up on our Netflix or binge on some crappy movies 9 times out of 10 the day goes by in a flash and we regret it!  Meeting up with others gives you the connected feeling, brings joy to the kids or the dogs or the family members or friends you are meeting.  And if you combine that with a walk, to a farm shop you can also get shop play and eat all nailed in one step.  I find this really helps with business ideas too.  When I catch up with people I haven’t spoken to in a while, I find I talk about my business differently and wonder why the hell I have never said it like that to a client or at a networking session.  You also never know who they know, my very first client came because I was having a beer with a friend and when I told her what I actually do I landed my first client!


5- Create! 

Now I am a fan of a list but why not make it a bit more than that?  Create a meal plan as a family- let everyone pick a theme or a recipe.  OR write a to-do list on a big sheet of plain paper with colourful pens.  Why not sit back and create your goals list- this might be easier after day of fun, a day that connects you to what you truly love will put you in that frame of mind rather than a work frame of mind.  If we do a goals board on a workday, with our business head on, we may forget to list the important life goals on there.  We may get bogged down by numbers, percentages and leads lists whereas on a Sunday we may have a glass of wine in hand, the radio on and some reflection time to think about what matters.  You will find that it is this, what matters, that is the driving force behind those money, percentage and leads goals anyway.



So go ahead, do one or two of these things, hey go crazy do all five! But just know that when you are having fun you are preparing for your week anyway as you are being you, you are connecting with your true self and you are energising yourself to win that week!  Let me know what you try this week and how it makes your Monday feel…..


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