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When you’re a solo business owner it’s super easy to start hating the business that you thought was going to change your life. You start to wonder why on earth you’re doing this, why you aren’t having the life you thought you would, or the life you see so many others having and what the F* you can do next.

What makes us fall out of love is the fact we’re trying to do EVERYTHING. I’ve a coaching client who beat herself up about not knowing how to do the tech in her business, an amazing medium who was stressed about why she couldn’t do her email marketing and even a baker who was worried about managing her online membership.

What makes these clients great at what they do is their love and skill for what they offer the client NOT the ability to do everything else that comes with owning a business.  I’m always reminding people to live in their zone of genius, that’s where they will have the space to create their business to be that thing they love, not something they resent.

1- Look at where you spend your time

On a basic level is your time in your business spent doing something you love or hate?
Then look at your list- is there stuff on there, in your ideas, that you’d LOVE to do but the day to day is getting in your way.

Think about opportunities- if you got rid of the stuff you hated, what could you do with that clear headspace and that additional time.  I’m guessing this would be the stuff that would drive your business to more sales and profit.  The stuff that you enjoy, products you’ve dreamt of creating, strategies you’ve not had the space to see through.

Use this to help you. 

2- Remind yourself of your goal and vision.

Either look back and see what this was when you started, or reset them right now.  What do you want your life to look like, how can your business help you to do this?

That’s the quickest way to refresh your motivation, refocus your mind and remind you of your true why.  I would then always go one step further and break those down into micro goals and tasks.  So you’re on top of everything, things are super easy to delegate and you know that ALL activity in your business (from you or your team) is contributing to something that matters.

3- Involve and/or empower others.

This kinda links to point 1.  Once you know where your time is being spent you can really delegate with effectiveness and this means empowering the person you’re delegating to.  Give them the full project.  For instance a client I had was asking me just to link some emails and get the sequence going, she had a 8% open rate.
Another client, we had a quick 10 minute call, discussed what she wanted the sequence to achieve, she sent me some copy to edit and improve, we added tags, reviewed insights and her open rate was 27%. When you ask people to run with stuff and own it, it makes it more effective and you know the whole thing is being taken care of rather than having to dip in and out.

4- Re-connect.

Either with some people who you worked with and networked with when you first set up, or some new people who can boost your creativity, focus and love for your work.  Joining a networking group means you will need to do some pitches, presentations or at the very least- tell other people what you do.  Just talking about your business like this means you will start to realise how little you do of the thing you initially loved.  This will help drive you to find support but also to understand where that support can really add value.

5- STOP the none value adding stuff.

No one in your team should be doing tasks that add no value or don’t contribute to that end goal.  Yes admin needs to be done, yes emails need to be read/sent and yes systems/websites/memberships need updating but they all add value.  BUT, the WAY they’re done may not.  I sat and deleted over 3000 emails, sorted out old email folders and updated my CRM and it took me 5 hours (and thats me as a VA!).  This year I took on a VA of my own and she did that in 1 hour! She isn’t as close to the data as me, it’s easier for her to do and she doesn’t get sidetracked by the emails in there that might still need attention or that trigger that task that means you end up in a dark hole! This can help you weed out the none value adding tasks now.

I want you to love your business.  I want you to think about why you started it, what skill you had, what you actually do to make the money.  And then I want you to focus on that. Having a Virtual Assistant in your business can help you achieve all of this, get some headspace, re-prioritise and really love what you do.

Have a chat with me, I’ll explain how the process works, you tell me what areas of your business you need support in and we’ll just see if we’re a good fit for each other.  No obligation just 15 minutes to explore where you can take your business with a VA’s support.

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