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When you take Christmas off it can feel both wonderful and as a business owner very stressful.  It feels like you will have the time off and kinda ‘fake’ enjoy yourself whilst having a feeling of dread looming over you for what you will face once you’ve taken some time off.

You worry about the emails piling up, clients thinking you don’t work hard enough because you’re out the office, social media laying there dormant and the to do list items and your goals that still aren’t being ticked off.

Is it worth it?

YES! There are a bazillion benefits to taking time away from your business that will help your business grow in the future.  I’ll go into them another time but for now I know your time is SUPER precious so I wanted to share 5 things you can do to make taking time off for your Christmas break an absolute breeze.

1- Communicate now

If you haven’t yet, tell your clients/customers when you’re taking a break.  Obviously, they need to know workwise but also it shows you are strong, in control and investing in your self care and fun, not just work work work all the time.

2- Move stuff to 2023 

Look at the list of all the stuff you think you need to get done in your business before 2023.  Now, if it isn’t gonna make you a bunch of money and it isn’t business crucial, can’t it wait? In fact, does it need to be done at all?

Imagine how you will feel if you know that everything on that list is either done, binned or scheduled in?  You can enter your Christmas break with a clear head and confidence you’ll hit the ground running with the energy you’ll have from a proper break.

3- Automate stuff 

Ok, so I would spend half an hour today getting some automation in place to see you through the season.

Schedule your usual emails ahead of time.

Schedule SOME social media posts- you don’t want loads going out as you don’t want to be checking and responding but get something on there.

Social media platforms auto message/responder

Out of office on your emails that guides them to where to ask a question or even to a lead magnet or sales page.

WhastApp auto responder.

A festive lead magnet? If it suits your business- then follow up with ¾ nurture emails so they get something from you.

4- Have a secret ‘back to work’ day 

I NEVER have my first day back open in my diary, I never take calls and I don’t always let clients know I’m back 🤫