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I love Kartra, no way to deny it.  It’s something I knew very little about when I entered the world of VA-ing but now I recommend it to everyone looking for a one stop shop that gives you a super simple, slick and easy business life.

Kartra can do so many things!  Your entire funnel, a BRILLIANT CRM, host your memberships and training courses with ease, provide a phenomenal website as well as attract and nurture your leads with awesome landing pages, sales pages etc.

No more hunting here to find a pop up link or using Zapier with fear that any moment one could fail.  I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve had to ‘retrace’ my steps to figure out what’s hooked to where across various platforms.  When you have a true all in one system- life becomes so much simpler.

AND, more importantly than that it can really drive your business, increase your sales all whilst reducing your time spend IN the business. 

So, if you’re ready for simplicity and to grow your business…let’s go.

1- All in one place

I cannot emphasise how much easier it is working with Kartra than any other platform.  Having everything in one place, the emails, the pages, the lead magnet, the membership means you spend less time ‘faffing’ and scrambling around for another password, waiting for another auth code and being locked out of something at that last minute crucial stage in your funnel building!

Bonus Note**I would still keep Canva and Calendly and I would use Stripe and not Paypal for your payment integration**

2- Incredible lead tracking 

Inside Kartra, you can look at every detail for each lead, the pages they clicked, the links they viewed, the emails they chose not to open and the ones they loved.  You can truly see how people are interacting with your content and your business on a whole giving you full insight into what works and doesn’t.  This means you can limit the guesswork and spend your resources on something  you know is going to hit!

3- Forms with ease!

Gone are the days when you’re looking for a forms ‘add-on’ or putting up with something that WILL DO because you don’t know how to design and brand it your way.  Those days are gone.

Your forms (and pop ups) are so simple and intuitive you can really guide people around your site, to different products and promos in a really seamless way. This makes it really easy for people to sign up, get freebies, access content and communicate back with you.  All key to business success.

4- An organised dream!

If you get into good habits from the start you can really have a super organised database of clients on Kartra.  The tagging process is second to none with categories, sub categories and even expiration dates for all your tags.  Which means it’s easy to keep track, simply target and group your leads.  Simple but so so effective. 

It’s not only on the tagging, you can categorise all your web pages and funnel pages so you can easily find what you need and make any edits, link them quicker and make sure the branding/theme is consistent across.

Being able to organise like this allows you to be super strategic when reaching out to your leads and encouraging them to buy.  You know exactly where everything is and this truly reflects when a real life lead/customer is walking through your pages and emails.  It’s coherent, it makes sense and it flows which is super helpful for future/repeat sales. 

5- Analytics central!

You can truly analyse everything in your business.  From your page performance to your email opens.  You can look at funnels and email sequences vs broadcasts (one off emails) to get a real picture of what is driving the business.  When you have some numbers to work with you lose that decision paralysis and it becomes quicker and easier to chose your next steps.

6- Automate EVERYTHING

I mean it, EVERYTHING.  You can save time following up on leads, following up with people who abandon cart and even getting rid of in-active leads clogging up your systems. With automation it means you NEVER miss an appointment, you don’t forget to send your regular emails or course/membership emails and you have the brain space to focus on bigger things in your business with the knowledge that the back of house is looking after itself. 

Something I find so valuable for my Kartra clients is that I can batch create a month or two of emails, a funnel or a nurture sequence in one go knowing that it will send as and when we need it to.  So it doesn’t only save YOUR time but it saves your VA time too. 

7- Host epic memberships and programmes.

If you’re looking to create that passive/semi passive income then Kartra is the tool for you.  I love the VERY easy to use membership and portal builder and it’s so intuitive for the end user also.

Think videos, client support, PDFs, imagery, quizzes, forms, community space- it can all be there for a truly flexible and useable platform that will keep that recurring income rolling in month on month.

8- Brand everything.

You can make this a beautiful, slick and truly connected site.  No more checking your colour codes, copying and pasting, moving logos you can do this with ease.  The builder (across the site) is easy to use and you can clone to your hearts consent meaning the main set up and look only really needs to be perfected once and then you have your base.

Using an expert to help you with this is
…honestly, a great way to get this moving.  I work in Kartra everyday so I suppose it’s easy for me to say I love it, but outsourcing it to someone who knows how helps in many ways.  The top 3

1- They can help you plan.  As I know the system I can help you organise your content in an easy way to make sure we have everything we need for each project.

2- They know the hacks.  I’ve learned some shortcuts, done lots of googling and Kartra training so you don’t have to.

3- Speed.  It’s likely that there is a job you need Kartra for that’s been sat on your to do list for a while now- handing it to an expert will get it off the ground.

When you work on a Kartra project with me I will give you a personalise Trello board (or join one if you have one already) and we will work through that together to make sure that everything is organised, everything will be in the right place and make complete sense to you for edits and to your user for a fantastic customer experience.  We test, check and tweak as and when needed.

If you’re asking us to dive into your existing Kartra- not a problem we can suggest improvements, run with what you have and/or re-organise to make it slick for you.

Kartra packages start at just £450- that’s for a new set up so it really is worth booking a call to discuss your needs as every project is so so different.

But, with help or not, Kartra is the kit you need if you want to grow memberships/training online.