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When you ask for what you want in business instead of working with any old person, you find you attract clients that give you energy, not drain the life from you.

Around 60% of my clients either run spiritual businesses or a coaching business with a hint of spirituality in there.  And most of the others also have a keen interest. 

As a spiritual business owner,  you already know how important it is to stay focused on your client’s needs and offer services that align with your values- that’s not the challenge. BUT, managing a business can be overwhelming, energy, headspace and time-consuming. 

🖤 Manage your bookings.

If you offer 121 or even group sessions we can help to automate the booking and payment system and then look after any enquiries for you. 

No more repeating yourself/sending the same emails 20 times a day.
No more clients messaging you across 4 different platforms.
No more sitting with your online and paper diary and wondering why the 2 don’t match! 

🖤 Look after your clients, your community.

I love helping people with memberships, portals and community and having a Virtual Assistant do this for you really allows you to spend time and energy investing in that community.  You know how it is when you’ve spent an hour trying to find a link, pin a post and download your latest live, instead you could spend that hour connecting personally, showing clients (and leads) a great experience leading them to work with you more. 

🖤 Sort your funnel!

The dreaded funnel.  You know you need one but if you’re being honest…what is it?  Where should you create it?  You have so many programmes, apps, and logins and you can’t remember what software does what.  When something goes wrong it’s more painful to figure out WHAT it is than actually fix it!

We are mad about funnels.  We love to organise it so it’s slick and easy and we use as few systems as possible.  It makes your life easier, marketing more manageable and your lead to client conversion WAY simpler.  In our experience, when it’s simpler, it’s more effective too! 

We take what you have and sort it out.  And if you have nothing at all, even better.  We’ll get it ship shape and functioning in no time. 

🖤 Day to day admin

This is different for each business owner. For you it might be the interaction on social media- we know it’s a draining place, we can pick that up for you.

Or it might be your actual marketing itself, again, we’re here.

Maybe it’s expenses, travel bookings, email management, press communications 👋🏼 we got your back!

I (Ellen founder of Ministry VA) always speak about supporting a tribe of strong women with awesome businesses and something as small as the day to day admin, really does make a huge difference to how you feel about your business and therefore how you show up in it. 

🖤 Writing and designing.

Yes, you’re creative, but this never-ending writing and designing on a computer isn’t what you love.  Especially if you offer your sessions on zoom, whilst super transformative for your clients they can be overwhelmingly draining for you.

So writing your emails, sales pages, lead pages, social captions, thank you pages, checkouts, product or service descriptions…the list goes on…no longer feels creative and fun, it feels like a drain on your precious energy. 

🖤 Peace of Mind


Working alongside a VA can give you peace of mind, knowing that your business is in capable hands even when you’re not super close to it.

You can trust us to handle your customers, leads and tasks efficiently, professionally, and with the same care we do our own business and clients. Allowing you to create, connect and take time away from your business without worrying about the day-to-day operations.


We’d love to be your wing woman, the second business brain, the fresh pair of eyes. 

Your Ministry Virtual Assistant will become your right-hand woman and for that, you can thank us later 🖤

If you’re not sure where to start with outsourcing, a couple of options for you below. 

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