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📷Picture this: 12 months from now, your life has taken a complete 180-degree turn, all thanks to a well-chosen, well-used, wing-woman of a Virtual Assistant (VA). This is NOT just about the hours saved it’s about the energy unlocked, creativity re-born and life actually lived! Our aim at Ministry is to really focus on helping you reach potential whilst also enjoying life AND enjoying work, work-life integration a truly rounded life. There is so much more than ‘saving time’ to be had here. 

I’ll show you how a year with a VA could change… 

🔎 Finding Your VA

The search for the perfect VA is like finding a puzzle piece that fits just right. Ask the right questions, look for recommendations, connect on social platforms, and most importantly, look for someone you genuinely click with. It’s not just about skills, it’s about synergy. This person will be your wing woman and you need the energy to be aligned.  A couple of practical tips here,

🖤 A great VA should ALWAYS offer a discovery call, chance to ask follow-up questions and an intake call. 
🖤 They should have the right insurance and ICO in place. 
🖤 They should issue contracts for you to sign. 

These are real basics and I wouldn’t work with anyone who doesn’t cover these bases. 

🏁 The Journey with Your VA

A successful journey with your VA begins with communication and understanding. From discovery calls to clear contracts, regular updates, and agreed communications, transparency is key. Ensure you’re in sync and open to two-way feedback for a relationship really supports your business but that you enjoy too. This shouldn’t be painful (we in fact aim for fun).  In your first 12 months you may have a call every month- 12 calls with someone you don’t align with will just become another task in your diary! 

👯‍♀️ Maximising the VA Partnership

To make this dance worth dancing-don’t hold back, don’t let your ‘politeness’ or ‘Britishness’ get in the way here. Ask your VA for more, set clear deadlines, and use tools like Trello to streamline tasks. The more you engage and communicate your needs, the more productive and efficient the partnership becomes.  For the first 3 months we offer flexible packages so that we can really get into your business, sort processes etc and settle down into the actual hours you will need rather than guessing at the start. 

🧠 Kicking Off the Journey

Kickstart your journey with a VA by laying it all out – a brain dump of your tasks, frustrations, and an “ideal day.” What would your life look like if someone took over those tasks you dread? Picture the relief and space for new opportunities. We will help you do this on your intake call.  It’s hard to decide what to delegate on your own without knowing your options so let us help you with that. 

🌅 Daily life with a VA

Now, how does it actually look day to day? Your VA will keep you updated on Trello and stay in touch with you as needed.  We don’t need handholding and we will nudge you as needed and keep you accountable.  The work is done in the background, tested where needed and we create little how 2 videos to help you.  We also keep the Trello board up to date so anyone would know where things are up to. You will have calls as agreed (if needed) and you will agree on the best way for you to ask questions, keep in touch, and provide updates or send additional tasks. My tip here is pop deadlines on things so you know when to expect them back. 

📅 12-Month Impact

It’s time to enjoy some results. Now I’m not saying you won’t see results in less than a year but you will FEEL the change when you review your first year with a VA. 

In just 12 months, services that once seemed trapped in your mind are now out there, selling like hotcakes. That membership you’ve dreamed about? It’s not just a dream anymore, it’s a thriving reality. Your admin day? Transformed into time for self-care, gym visits, or personal development. Hey, you’ve even made all the meals out with the girls without having to cancel. Daily you’re getting out with the dog, doing the morning stretches recommended on that app and when you sit down to work, you know what you’re doing is adding value and WOW that brain feels nice and ‘clutter-free’. 

🔐 Unlocking Your Potential

No more starting from scratch each day. Your wing woman has got things kickstarted for you, providing clarity from the get-go. And holidays? They’re no longer stressful; you’ve got peace of mind knowing your business is in capable hands.

In summary, a VA isn’t just about ticking tasks off a list, it’s about unloading your mind, unlocking energy, and transforming your life. Embrace the partnership, communicate your needs, and watch as your business and personal life become what you’d hoped when you set up your business.