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Sick of spending all day doing the stuff you HATE in your business? Constantly wondering why you started it in the first place?

You know the back of house stuff is important but you’re not sure what’s most important, how to do the tech, how to automate things or even what’s the most efficient way of managing your diary.

There are SO many things you could be doing to effectively push your business forwards, blogs, newsletters and social media, updating the website, lead magnets and sales pages, email sequences, your customer management systems, booking processes and you’re not sure how to get it sorted.  You also need to be developing your business, yourself and selling what you sell!! Tough, right?

There’s only you so, what should you do?

How can you do what you love in your business and drive more sales without the back of house workload becoming bigger?

Let us help you

We stop you from doing the things you hate or have no clue of how, by taking some of that workload, automating things, keeping things simple and allowing you the headspace and time to focus on business activity that you enjoy, that generates income and allows you to grow your company.

You get free time, headspace and focus to do what matters to you in AND out of work.  You’ll have better balance, improved wellbeing and confidence that everything is being looked after well in the background.

Ministry was born in October 2019 when I (Ellen) was made redundant whilst on mat leave and started to create something new.  Since being off work I’d been working extra hard on the back of house activities for my husbands business, something I’d always done but doing the bare minimum around a full time national role. 

Once I took a bit of focus and really looked at processes and systems everything fell into place for him.  Just a few months in he was able to work only 5 days a week (welcome back weekends), take on a member of staff, double the turnover and introduce more high ticket services into the business. 

I knew then other business owners would need this help and I knew they’d be able to grow quicker if they knew they could outsource and it wasn’t scary.

I use this as my mission to help women in business outsource with ease, no over complicated language, strict rules around payments and communications just simple, clear and honest service from someone who wants women in business to do AWESOME things.

I’ve trained with VACT to build the VA business and also worked to hone my copywriting and design skills.  That paired with a 15+ year background in service allows me to specialise in everything that makes your business attractive to customers, makes it easy for them to buy from you and then buy from you again and shout about you from the rooftops.

I’ve built the team to ensure we cover alllllll the bases you need.  Copy, content, tech, PA skills, travel, events organisation, life admin….you name it we’ll have the woman for you.

I have a range of retainer packages for VA work as well as packages for specific work such as content, projects and systems.  You can book a call with me here to see if you like me and we can take it from there.

Hear from Emma…

I LOVE hearing from clients and getting their feedback. 

This is what can happen when you find the right match energetically, skills wise and basically just the right vibe! 

Your business can change, your ideas can come to life and you find the headspace, energy and time to do everything you dreamt of in your business. 

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