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You know I love a reward, but in case you haven’t read this is the basic plan I follow which super helps with motivation.  You list what tasks you will do each day making sure they contribute to your overall goal/vision.  You then head to Friday in your planner (or whatever day you finish your week on) and write in there something you will reward yourself with if you tick off those tasks.  I also sometimes change the tasks if the focus of the week changes, that way you still achieve so you still give yourself the reward.

I know it can be easy to think of treats for yourself but if you’re first starting up in business or generally don’t want to be spending on something that seems frivolous (it isn’t, you’ll get used to it soon and love its power) then I wanted to give you some ideas for how you can reward yourself for under a tenner! 

So, here’s a quick list- if you can’t decide or don’t want to waste the brain space- write them all on post its- stick them in a jar and just pick one each week!

Low cost ways to reward yourself in your business.

1- Movie night with snacks/your favourite pasta

2- Spend a couple of hours outside basking in the sunshine with your favourite drink and music 

3- Take a new walk and explore a different area 

4- Have friends round for dinner and drinks (potluck so each guest brings a dish)

5- Take a couple of hours to do a workout followed by meditation and journaling so you can reflect on your successful week 

6- Take the car to a starry skied spot, fill the boot with blankets and candles and snacks and enjoy star gazing 

7- Put aside your Saturday morning to have your IDEAL at home morning- think breakfast, book, blankets etc

8- Involve the whole family in a family night treat- maybe board games, movies or a cook off? 

9- Buy your favourite wine, run a bath and stay there

10- Buy a couple of magazines and have a good old reading binge!

Once you’ve got used to the impact of these smaller treats you will realise it’s worth investing in some of these to motivate yourself to complete tasks.  You will find that the motivation is worth the investment.  A great way to do it could be to have mini/low cost rewards weekly and then something more ‘wow’ each month.

I like to make a restaurant reservation for the weekend and if I don’t do what I need to, I have to cancel it.  I’ve only had to cancel on myself once and I felt so bad I wouldn’t do it again so the motivation is there each week if I know I’m working towards a treat!

Let me know if you give it a try…