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In my last blog I talked about the signs of burnout and what to look out for.  But you may be past that so this is for you. It can help you move forwards or maybe help a friend or business partner.

Burnout is a real struggle that many female business owners face. The demands of running a business alongside life’s (sometimes) complicated commitments, can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed. But fear not, my fellow lovely ladies, because I’m here to share some valuable tips to help you avoid or overcome burnout. These strategies have worked for me, and I hope they can make a difference in your life too. Let’s go…

Talk to someone

Never underestimate the power of connecting with others who understand what you’re going through. One of the turning points in my journey was working with the wonderful Jo Baldwin in a group coaching course back in 2022. Being part of a supportive community and sharing experiences can be immensely helpful, I learned valuable insights and discovered little tricks that can work wonders.  So even if you’re not in a group programme or don’t want to do anything like that, I highly recommend telling someone you’re struggling – this honestly is most of the battle and the relief is immense! 

Use a Trello board

I can’t stress this enough – Trello is a game-changer! You’ve heard me bang on about it before! This organisation tool has become my secret weapon for decluttering my mind and managing my life. It helps me organise tasks, set priorities, and allocate specific time slots, replacing panic and stress with a sense of control. Give it a try and see how it transforms your productivity and reduces overwhelm.  I honestly used to have stacks of paper and endless lists as well as millions of things buzzing around in my brain.  I would forget stuff and now I’m confident it’s all in one place.  I use it with my Virtual Assistant and team for work but also have a life Trello board that I use with hubby! Game changer! 

Move.  Every Day! 

If you’re reading this in July 2023, you’ll know that I’ve made my only business goal for the month all about me – my well-being. Ford couldn’t function with a broken machine, Ministry VA can’t function with a broken me! Movement has been a focal point for me, as I often find myself sitting for hours on workdays. I set a goal of 30 mins movement a day, and while I’m averaging 20 minutes, it’s progress. Doing something, no matter how small, matters and contributes to your overall well-being. I also wasn’t super specific about what that movement is, sometimes it’s a LONG dog walk at pace, sometimes it’s 10 mins pilates and 10 mins meditation! Just do something! 


I’m obviously going to emphasise the incredible power of delegation. When you’re overwhelmed and lacking a sense of control in your business or life, it’s in fact crucial. As a Virtual Assistant, I’ve seen weekly the transformation in my clients. Having a dedicated team to handle tasks and provide behind-the-scenes support allows you to breathe, focus on your energy, and feel confident knowing that everything is being looked after. Let’s hop on a call, explore your options, and see how I can alleviate some of the weight from your shoulders.


Everyone bangs on about rest and I KNOW it’s not easy.  I’m not there yet but I’m doing things to get me there. It’s often neglected, especially when you’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of self-employed life. But, quality sleep and relaxation is vital for avoiding burnout. I’ve been preparing for a good night’s sleep with bedtime routines for a couple of years now and it’s made a noticeable difference.  There’s still work to do but every small change contributes to your overall well-being.

Get it out of your head

Clients will often drop me weird emails and voice notes in the middle of the night or during Sunday lunch! I encourage it.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t respond and no good Virtual Assistant would! But I don’t want them holding things in their head that don’t need to be there.  Writing things down has been a saving grace for me. I constantly jot down notes in a notepad by my bed or in my phone notes, and as you know Trello has become my go-to digital dumping ground. I find it calming to hand-write a list each day, which provides me with a reset moment of calm and allows my brain to absorb what needs to be done. This practice helps me stay present in work or home life and reduces the mental load.

I understand that if you’re already deep in burnout, these tips may not feel immediately useful. Trust me, I’ve been there. But even when it seems impossible, commit to yourself and take small steps. You work for yourself, you have loved ones to care for, and you want to be present for them – and for yourself – for the long haul.

Let’s lighten your load together. Book a call, and let’s explore how I can support you on your journey to a healthier, more balanced life.