Business Values- What they mean at Ministry VA

Values are something that runs through your company, you, your teams and even who you work with. They are so important to me and I wanted to take this chance to share my values with you and explain a little more what they mean and why I have them!


I am true to myself, read some blogs! They aren’t what you would class as ‘professional’ they are me.  My thoughts.  That is who I am.  You will never see me in a suit, you will hear me talking about food, fashion and my home interiors and you will know pretty much everything about me! I wear my heart on my sleeve.

When you are working with me, as a client or a supplier, I am clear, honest, open and to the point.  Feedback is a must with me. I am northern, so thick-skinned, but that’s not to say I think we need to be.  Feedback is beneficial to speed things up, get on the same page, understand what we are looking at and not just do the basics but with the feedback we can move things forwards, streamlining things and smash results quicker!


This should be first! Everything I do is about fun.  I take away what clients don’t like to do to make their day to day work more fun and with that give them some space to enjoy stuff outside of work.  When my husband launched his business we ended up having takeaways because the ‘admin’ would go on into the night that we had no time to shop and cook! The takeaway is ruined for us now! As soon as I started to focus on his back of house turnover increased, time away decreased and we could get back to having fun!


I am passionate that I offer more than just admin support.  Being dyslexic I am blessed with an ability to spot links, opportunities etc easier than most.

“It’s as if people with dyslexia tend to use a wide-angle lens to take in the world,
while others tend to use a telephoto, each is best at revealing different kinds of detail.”
Matthew H. Schneps, Harvard University (

One value I had to include was this, as it is like working in your business as if it were my own.  I am results focussed and will support you to get those results.  Clients have said they love to have me as a sounding board, the second set of eyes or ears to run ideas etc past, and this is why I had to have this value.  Working alone you may feel like the same idea is ‘stuck’ it goes round and round and doesn’t get done! Take a fresh pair of eyes with new fresh ideas and we could make it happen!


I want to empower people to feel empowered.  Now, this is a brave value as I never thought I could empower anyone.  But what are values if not brave.  I want you to feel in control, like you have a second impartial person, someone removed from your home or business life who can be honest with you, motivate and support you.  Empower you to focus on what you love, what you are good at, that passion which was the driving force to start the business.


What is so important is always looking for something that can help you to improve.  I am so passionate about independent businesses I want to help you move forwards.  I am not the sort of VA who will sit back and do the same tasks month in month out if I cant see how they are adding value and driving you towards your results. I will be my AUTHENTIC self and speak out.


But for me, these values run deeper than who I am as a VA.  They are who I am as a person, a friend, a sister, a mum.  They are how I try and run my life, keeping true to myself and that’s how I know I can thread them through everything I do in my business.


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