Making space for networking (in real life)

Ahhh networking, a wonderful opportunity to mix with other people who can support your business, help you with their advice/anecdotes and your time to interact with other people. OR that icky space where Daisy (I don’t know a Daisy) is selling the next Networking Marketing opportunity and Bill (I don’t know a Bill) is telling

Does my small business need values?

When you start your business you usually do it because you love something, you are good at something and you can see a gap in the market for that. What most of us don’t do is think about everything else around it, everything else that comes with running a business.  Values are one of those

The skills of a dyslexic VA.

And how they can really help your business. When you are looking for a VA you might not think dyslexia would be high on the list of traits you want.  But I know that many of the things that make me a great VA are actually down to my dyslexia.  I only found out I

Give better service with less

Give better service with less. How losing a client improved my service! Less time, less investment but better service, income and results.  Sound good? That’s where I am at now but the start of the journey was a painful one. I lost a client. A dream client, ideal to the T and the only client

How having a VA gives you focus.

Getting you back to what you started the business to do.   “I don’t know what a VA does.“ “I had a VA and it didn’t change anything.“ “How do I handover a part of my business?” “I don’t know how to outsource, or what I should outsource!“ These are all things I have heard