Don’t Write off 2020!

Don’t give up yet!! 4 weeks can make a HUGE difference.  Well, let’s call it three as I fully encourage you to take Christmas off, make a big deal of it and enjoy some family time, lots of wine and generally think about something else for a while. This blog will walk you through some tips on getting the most out of the rest of 2020.

We have all felt it right? It’s been more than a bit crappy, it’s been a shitstorm, a blur of pain, frustration, sadness, helplessness and the stress of standing still while time still ticks by (alarmingly fast).

If you have met me, or even followed me on social media, you’ll know I’m an extrovert through and through.  Let me tell you being an extrovert in a time of lockdown and isolation is difficult and personally, there’s nothing I’ve liked about it.  I am also writing a blog about being an extroverted work from homer but for now, I will leave this here which shows you why it can be so painful!



BUT being an extrovert also spurred me on, I’m determined to be in a place where I can enjoy freedom when we get it, not in a place of having to bury myself in work.  If I’d written this 5 months ago, I’d have said it was devastating on my business, BUT as we enter the last month of 2020, I actually think it did me a favour!  I’m more flexible, I’ve explored new opportunities and I’ve upskilled so thanks for that Rona.

A HUGE well done to everyone who has fought the fight, who is winning, whose businesses are still clinging on or even thriving.  BUT this message is for everyone who is waiting for 2021.


Getting ahead now is 100% the best thing to do.  When I lost all my clients I stopped, I sulked, I questioned everything then I put my big girl pants on and created a four-week plan (that became 7 weeks waiting for the nursery to open). I rebuilt it, changed it, re-focussed.  So, I am going to walk through what you could do for the next 4 weeks to either get you ready to smash goals in January or to get those December sales in.

1st step you could grab this planner it says lockdown but you know, 4 weeks are 4 weeks!

1. Set goals

This isn’t a big scary task.  It isn’t something that’s set-in-stone but it’s something that makes a big difference.  I do it simply, I hate overcomplicating stuff so if you’re like me you can try this.

🍷Grab a wine

⏱Set a 5-minute timer

🌟Write your BIG goal for 2021 (I do mine end of November so my target is 30-11-2021).

⏱Now set a 25-minute timer and thing of everything you need to do to get to that goal.

⏱Another 25-minute timer

🗓Split that down into months, what will you do each month.

You now have monthly tasks that are all contributing to that goal.  So, put them into the months and stick them up where you see them every day.


2. Brain dump

A good old brain dump works magic- I think I do one a week, or I definitely do one when I feel the overwhelm.  So again set a timer but get it set 10 mins and write down EVERYTHING that is in your brain, on your mind, stressing you out.   This might include, things you want to get done, need to do, business stuff, home stuff, things like:

🖤Clean out the office drawers

🖤Sort the paperwork

🖤Sort the Tupperware cupboard

🖤Re-write the web copy

🖤Re-brand your social media.

Some are big, some are small but that doesn’t matter when it comes to the brain space they take. They will all clog up your creativity, distract your focus and sap your energy.

3. Sort

Now you have your brain dump and you have your goals- it’s time to sort them.  Put them next to each other, what on the list will contribute to your goals and what is getting in the way.

*TIP- Use coloured pens!

Take the ‘getting in the way’ list first and plan how you can sort them! How can you get them off your list?  You can bin them, delegate them or outsource them.  When I lost my clients I outsourced more.  It felt uncomfortable and scary but I knew it needed to be done.  I outsourced my accountancy, my cleaning and my website.  Those things were always on my list and they were blocking my creativity and my ability to move to what I needed to survive.  I also took time to self develop, again felt like I should be going after the sale all the time but I KNEW that taking time to upskill meant I would be ready for newness rather than trying to backpedal when I was at capacity.

Everything that does contribute to your goals- move onto the next point!

4. Plan

Get yourself a plan for the next month that’ll start to tick some things off the list.  This could be a plan for what you will do, what you will outsource, what you will avoid/don’t need to do.  Check what you need to do in Jan and Feb and make sure you have everything in place so that your first day back after the festivities is doing not planning!

If you plan now January will be all about action while your competitors will be sat there setting goals and trying to figure out what that year will have in store for them!

Use the planner it will help.

If you think you need some help with the brainstorming bit, or like me, you like running things past another business brain, a fresh pair of eyes then you can book a business brainstorm hour with me.

And if you have been thinking about outsourcing for a while, this activity has spurred you on but your still not sure how it will work, let’s chat

Have a wonderful December, make it productive but make it fun! I am wrapping up on the 17th to enjoy a break, wine, food and fun, how about you?




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