Get play into your every day!

Think back to your childhood, what did you live for?  For most of us, the lucky one, our childhood was about play, imagination, fun and friends. Everything we did we did with play and even when the grown-ups got us to do tasks or learning, it was turned into play because it benefited us, motivated us and got us to step up! So WHY does that stop?


Never before has there been a truer saying! Obviously, we all have to grow up physically as we learn to feed ourselves, develop our personalities and independence, BUT why do we have to forget the good stuff?

There are some remarkable young people in the world achieving so much so early in life, but I am sure they still manage to have fun! For instance, when Daniel Radcliffe and co were on set filming the Harry Potter series, they still had to get stuff done- but the whole cast and crew made it FUN check out fact 8!! And don’t you tell me that Ryan isn’t having an absolute ball reviewing toys for a living at 7 years old, dream job! The fact is we are encouraged to have fun as kids and as adults, we are encouraged to create fun for today’s kids, it’s the key to success according to happiness researcher, Emma Seppala.


“Children do better, and feel happier if they learn how to stay in the present moment. And when people feel happy, they’re able to learn faster, think more creatively, and problem-solve more easily”

Emma Seppala

So with this in mind, how can we inject FUN into our everyday?

1. PLAY!

Just like we did when we were kids and just like you might encourage any kids in your life now!  I now have my Pilates mat in my office so when I get tired or let’s be honest, bored I hit the mat.  I get my Balanced Life Sisterhood membership on screen and work through the day’s workout.  If I don’t fancy this I will play with the dog, mess with some of my sons Lego, do some colouring or kick the football in the garden! Whatever you fancy doing, whatever your play is do some now! Not sure?  Well, how about getting some things on your desk or in your workspace that are fun, foam balls, dartboard, Subbuteo, running shoes, DMO, personal Instagram, or check out any of these…they are a bit more practical but may be just what you need!



I am a fan of podcasts and radio when I am working, and a podcast that can make me laugh wins! I find that I have focussed, completed a blog, fixed up a process, connected with clients, tackled something that was hanging over me- all because I have been laughing! There are so many benefits to laughter, it makes you feel less stressed, releases endorphins and even burns calories!!!! So for me, it is either Off-Menu, Shag married annoyed or Lockdown parenting hell! They all give me the giggles!



Take the day off, ride a bike, swim in a lake, do a bungee jump or rent a boat! OK, these can be extreme ideas but you could, walk a new dog walk route, visit a new farm shop or high street boutique, try a recipe for tea that you have been meaning to do for AGES! Sign up to a new hobby or YT series or even- sit in a different spot when watching TV tonight!

It is proven that any change in our routine can offer new experiences, fun and if it all goes wrong, well I challenge you not to look back and laugh.  Like the time I tried to make my father in law a domino birthday cake….FAIL!


This may be virtual, it may be small scale it may be massive, who knows! But talking to someone else is the basics of this, and that connection can be fun! Organise a glass of wine for the end of the day, it will keep you motivated, and you know wine is fun right! Or if you are stacked out, have a virtual lunch date- it may only be 15 minutes but ask your companion for the cheesiest joke they have ever heard, or play a quick round on Kahoot! Join an exercise class with a friend that you KNOW will be hilarious, wear lycra! Connecting with other people is a sure-fire way to have fun!


If you cannot think about how you can inject fun into your every day really sit down, write down your typical day, or journal your day for a couple of weeks, and think about where you could take some time for fun.  Then take an A4 piece of paper and write down everything you find fun, from a 5-minute dance or word puzzle to elaborate meals and holidays! Then when you have allocated yourself some fun time, head to the A4 and pick something and do it!






Having fun every day will mean you are more productive, focussed, and happier in other none work areas of your life.  You feel happier that work is more fun, less daunting and you spend less and less time worrying about that element of your work life! So please have some fun and share with me what you have done!  If you like what you have read, sign up below for newsletters, insights, new stuff and offers!



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