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You can do both.  I’ve found the most successful ways to market your business is to do it in a way that you like. For instance I spent a year ‘marketing’ on LinkedIn but I was only posting direct copies of what I was putting elsewhere because I didn’t have any inclination to spend any time on platform.  I wasn’t engaging, chatting, even logging in to accept invitations so I simply stopped it, it wasn’t for me.

It made me think about how you need to hone your own marketing plan to be something that you will stick to and be consistent with and the only way to do that is to make it something that you enjoy- and if you feel your business needs the other bits- outsource them.  My own VA now checks my LinkedIn for me and follows up on any enquiries.

So, how can you make it fun?  If you fundamentally hate it or have no clue where to start I hope these tips will help you.

1- Be yourself, always

Don’t feel like you have to go into ‘work mode’ to post on socials, write an email or walk into a networking event.  If you feel you have to be someone else and put a front on it will exhaust you.  You will get mixed up.  If you’re simply yourself, it’s more achievable, easy to do and helps you become comfortable with things that you, at first, find really hard.

2- Everything can be marketing 

My most successful social posts aren’t about work at all.  They’re about my son, my mum life, my meal or gym workouts.  They might even be emails that are about how I rewarded myself for the weeks work, how I chose a new hoover or what I need to do to smarten up my kitchen.  The joy of working with a small business is feeling connected, so show people who you are and everything can be a marketing matter. 

3- Collaborate 

Someone you admire in business?
Bestie needs to do some marketing? 

Networking group fun to be around?

Then collaborate with these people and make some marketing fun, an event, a joint virtual group, share the cost of an advert?  Whatever it is have fun with other people gives you some motivation and the collaboration gives you accountability.

4- Involve your audience

Ask them what they’d like to see from you and what they find fun.  Not only will you know more about them and have tonnes of opportunities to engage, but you’ll develop a little content plan at the same time. 

5- Create something 

Why did you start the business?  Was it for something creative?  Get back to that.  Sit down and do some creating, designing, creative thinking- whatever it is.  But document the journey.  Take some pics, a video and write up what you’re doing.  Share this. Share the finished product- everything is content. 

BONUS- Just do what feels right.
You don’t have to be everywhere.  Be in only ONE place if you like, but do that one place properly.  If it doesn’t feel right, you won’t be motivated to carry on and to push yourself to the next stage. 

I love working with my clients on marketing, but I always keep it super simple and fun and the success lies in the planning, templates and consistency. If you don’t think you could have any more fun with your marketing I’d love to chat with you and see if we offer a package that suits you.