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Getting you back to what you started the business to do.

“I don’t know what a VA does.“

“I had a VA and it didn’t change anything.“

“How do I hand over a part of my business?”

“I don’t know how to outsource, or what I should outsource!“

These are all things I have heard on discovery calls and DMs just in the last month! And my only response has been, you are not the only one.

I work with female entrepreneurs, women who run fun, creative and impactful businesses with ambition and drive. What all these women have in common is, they have become bogged down by the ‘stuff’. Wanting to do it all, send the newsletter, have the wonderful graphics, reach out to their mailing list, launch a new product, boss the social media, run an awesome course and a thriving membership. But this ‘bogged down’ feeling makes them feel doubt in their abilities, in their original business idea and in their business running skills.

You cannot do it all.

First of all- none of us can do it all. You are ONE person. ONE person running a company and a company, no matter how big or small, needs a lot of plates spinning and you cannot do them all. You can try, but I’ll tell you now a few will smash, and you will burn out. To keep true to your original business ideas you need to have that original energy, your day-to-day work has to motivate you and your to-do list should be full of stuff that drives your profit, keeps you energised, makes you happy and is fun. And I can guarantee that these things are the things you are good at. I was wasting time in mine and my husbands business trying to figure out the bookkeeping, VAT returns and end of year tax- only to have to pay an accountant anyway. So I let go. I am now happy in the knowledge that I play my part and they do the numbers magic to make sure everything is filed, on time and correctly. Letting go was hard but with handholding, regular communications and check ins I feel comfortable and happy and I have saved A LOT of pain and brain space.

Having a VA is like having an Alexa. We often have a number of skills, a great network and we live and breathe your business as we would our own. But the main things having support can give you is the focus, space to focus.

Take a look at your Trello board, your to-do list, your notes- wherever you keep your lists and ideas. I can guarantee that what gets pushed to the bottom is either the things you HATE doing or the things you don’t know HOW to do. That’s where we step in. VA’s can be specialised in niche areas, they are likely to have been exposed to more systems and ideas as they work with a variety of clients and business types.

Layla’s Story.

Take my client, let’s call her Layla. Layla had a membership on Kartra, she had a few members and wanted to grow them. However, her Kartra set up wasn’t right, she didn’t know how to use it and this put her off promoting it. Now, this often happens when you have a designated expert set things up for you. No, follow up, no support and no ‘additional extras’ like email campaigns, social media strategies, website page- basically the integration into your business.

When Layla got in touch, she was looking for a few hours to ‘fix’ Kartra and get her membership running. Because I am in the same world as Layla, running a business as a solopreneur, I know what else we need to look at the outside of the ‘tech’. We explored her mailing lists, email campaigns, social profiles, other opportunities, bookings system, customer communications. We streamlined everything so that she was no longer sat with post-it notes, 2 calendar systems, Facebook, insta and WhatsApp messages coming out of her ears! Oh, and of course we fixed the Kartra and grew the membership as well.

But more than this it gave Layla focus. Focus to grow other sides of her business that wasn’t getting her attention because she was exhausted from the bookings, messages, doing the do and not planning. She has launched a second membership, 3 new products and is writing a book!

Other ways in which a VA can give you focus.


Stop staring at a screen for hours on end and get help. You know what you want and how you want it to be but that doesn’t mean you have to sit there doing it.


Social media, email campaigns, newsletters, videos, lives, webinars……the list is endless. If your anything like me I used to list them all out plan them all out, then do my social media, trying to think of fresh content every day without having anything to hook it to or to guide me. I then had lists of when I was going to go live, what newsletter I would send out etc etc. I was overcomplicating it. I now have a simple system but I don’t try and do it all!! Just what I need and what works for me. A VA can take control of your communications for you, streamline it, make sure it’s on brand and totally relevant to what you are working on at that time.


Yep, you are allowed to take time off as a business owner, in fact, you have to, this blog may help. But having a VA makes this so much easier. Not only do you know you won’t come back to a pile of stuff to do or you won’t have a massive MUST DO list and burn out before you can enjoy your break but you know that things are ticking over while you’re away. Business can continue as normal as you want it to.


I pride myself on loving your business as much as you do. I will be those fresh eyes, that second business bran that will help you brainstorm, provide feedback, check work, review stuff, provide testimonials etc etc. I am here to drive your business. Some clients also use me to keep them on the ‘straight and narrow’ so making sure we have and hit deadlines, keeping you focussed and keeping your ideas and systems streamline and viable.


If you have a VA, you can have more fun in your business. It allows you the space to take time out, it allows you the ability to ENJOY your work and do what adds true value, what really drives you and what is WHAT YOU STARTED THIS BUSINESS TO DO!! Don’t lose sight of that, don’t lose the love for your business, and don’t lose the FUN.

Trust me you will find space to focus and without being bogged down by these things your love for your business, your creativity will flow, and better things will come!

Book a call now, even if we don’t fit, I will know someone who can help you OR be able to point you in the right direction to get you back on track.

Let me sweat the small stuff so you can go after the big goals.