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This is a simple one, but I get it, at first it doesn’t feel simple at all.

Your business is your baby, something you have created alone. How will someone else come in and help you? 

😭 Will they ask you a million questions?

😟 Will they think your systems are stupid and illogical? 

😠 Will they steal your data and ideas?

The ‘technicalities’ of having a Virtual Assistant prevent people from taking the plunge they need and investing in their business.  This means you carry on either working above capacity, missing out on opportunities, limiting your creativity and growth potential. And I KNOW that’s not what you were dreaming about when you started your business? 

When you get brave and give outsourcing a chance you’ll find that your worries dissipate quickly, as well as your business grows and your life just feels more balanced.  What I usually find is what you start to work with me for tends to grow as you feel more comfortable and happy handing things over.

My aim is to improve your balance, grow your business and allow you to have fun whilst still making profits…if that’s something that sounds ok to you, have a read on.

5 Ways I can help your balance: 

1- Say no on your behalf.

If you’re someone who struggles to say no and set boundaries then having a VA can be a godsend because we can do that for you.  We can manage your diary and reply to demands, emails and invites with alternatives for you.  OR we can politely move them onto what they actually need from you.  So, imagine, no more ‘can I pick your brains’, or calls that should be 1 hour lasting 3! How much easier would your life be.

2- Clearing the 💩

Or helping you see clearly what needs to be done.  We might manage your inbox for you which means we can delete all the newsletters, sales emails, promo, LinkedIn requests etc etc leaving some focussed emails in your inbox for you to deal with.  As part of that we can also deal with all the standard questions you get with template emails and automations so you can just deal with what needs YOU directly. How does that sound?  So checking your emails becomes a productive task, possibly revenue generating, rather than timewasting and energy sapping.

3- Automations and one place sorting.

I specialise in your customer.  Finding them, converting them, keeping them and getting them to sing about you and what you do from the ROOFTOPS! So to do that I help you with some branding and socials etc but more than that, before that, we look at how you track leads, store details etc and get some solutions in place.  I make sure you have a one place catch all, somewhere you can grab template emails, links, manage clients, updates on projects and to do lists.   

No more looking for scraps of paper, trailing through inboxes with 100s of emails in them, simply one place you can find stuff.  AND we can help you stay on top of it. 

4- Keeping you accountable. 

All of my clients want me to support them with accountability, reminding them when things are due with a quick WhatsApp or diarising time to complete key projects and tasks that will help to move things forwards quickly. So, no more missing that key meeting or skipping networking again, no more embarrassment and pain when you realise you’ve missed a great opportunity.

5- Saving the tech/blank page headaches.

There’s always something that you move from Monday to Tuesday all the way through to Friday before you know it it’s another Monday and it’s back on your list.  This could be because of a tech block, a brain block or just a case of not knowing where to start, how to make it happen. 

We can help with the tech, the set up or simply break it into a project and get it into your diary for you.  It’s likely something we’ve looked at before so we’ll have a couple of ideas for you.

If you feel like you need some control back, I’ve got you.  Control will help you with that balance, allow you to make that fresh lunch, walk the dog, get to the pilates class.  It will help your brain switch off when your PC does so that you can stress and guilt free move into Mum mode, friend mode or simply drift off with a wine in the bath.

The way we work together can be ongoing Virtual Assistant support which will ease the day to day pressures of running the business as well as grow and get your ideas off the ground and live- selling! Or we can look at one off projects if you just have some blocks here and there.

I’d love to chat with you and find out where your balance is off and how we can get you aligned again, book a call here. The calls are completely free and only used to meet each other and see if we gel well enough to work together.

Can’t wait to catch up with you.