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Lovely lady, how are you?

Today, I want to share a powerful story about one of my incredible clients, Eliza (name changed), who has shared some wonderful results with me.  As her Virtual Assistant, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how the simple act of delegating has had a wonderful impact on her overall wellbeing.  I didn’t even know about this until she shared with me after seeing my own focus on wellness in July (2023).

So, if you find yourself overwhelmed, low on energy, and struggling to find time for self-care and creativity – read on my friend…

The struggle before delegating 😭

Before Eliza started working with me, she was juggling too many things and feeling the weight of it all. Her health was suffering, and she constantly battled brain fog, making it hard for her to focus on her business. Despite having countless creative ideas, she felt stuck and unsure how to bring them to life. She often said she had no time, but the truth was, she had no energy, there’s a difference but we often think it’s time that’s to blame. This left her feeling exhausted and unable to move her business forward.

(Read more on why I think in time and not energy here).

Discovering the power of delegating 💪🏼

Eliza knew she needed to let go of some tasks and when we chatted we clicked! She knew she could delegate them to a trusted Virtual Assistant. She found she had space for herself, which she invested in her wellness and self-care routines. Now, she regularly hits the gym, gets proper sleep, and has the mental clarity she craved. With the burden of the crappy tasks lifted, her brain was no longer buzzing with tiresome to-dos but instead brimming with creative ideas and strategies that propel her business forward.

How delegating impacted Eliza’s wellbeing 🖤

⚡ Recharged energy levels: With the weight of repetitive admin tasks lifted, her energy levels soared. No longer bogged down by time-consuming/energy draining tasks, she could embrace life with enthusiasm – she’s having fun in and out of her business.

🧘Time for self-care: Delegating allowed Eliza to create space for herself. She now devotes time to activities that nourish her soul, from indulging in self-care rituals to spending quality moments with her kids…

“I actually feel like I can enjoy the weekends and holidays that I spend hours planning now instead of just showing up like a permanently exhausted pigeon” (Eliza)

🎨 Unleashed creativity: Once burdened by the overwhelming workload, Eliza’s mind became a hotbed of creativity after we got into our rhythm! With more headspace, she found the inspiration to explore new ideas and innovative approaches for her business.  She got the love back! 

Delegating for a FUN, fulfilling and focussed business and life

If you feel like Eliza did but crave to feel how she does now, you’re in the right place.

Feeling overwhelmed by the mental load is hard and you build your business, sure!  But not without compromising other aspects of life.

It’s time to consider delegating. By partnering with a Virtual Assistant, you’ll discover the power of support, allowing you to focus on your passions and you’ll rediscover the fun-loving life you deserve.

You can book a call right now but then I also say start with my free planner designed to help you identify tasks to delegate and find the support you need to enjoy the same journey as my lovely Eliza!

You don’t have to do it all alone!

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