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If you’ve seen anything from me before, you’ll know that I’m all about the FUN! Either having fun in your business or simply getting rid of the stuff you don’t want to do anymore so you can have more fun generally!

These are 10 things you can do to either have fun in the business or create space to have more fun outside of it.

1- Have fun with your marketing.
Reels, pictures, socials, blogs, newsletter…if you create these from a place of FUN instead of being something you HAVE to do your approach to them will change.  Think about creating socials when you’re going through your day to day life when you’re doing NONE work stuff. Just shoot some videos and some pics with your phone and you can probably use them some way later on.

2- Have a weekly meeting. 

Yes, I have a weekly meeting with myself.  I always review goals and progress, set new targets for the week and think about how I will celebrate and reward myself when I achieve them! Sometimes I might use this weekly meeting time to check in with an accountability buddy or have a 121 with a new connection I’ve made.  Any of these things give me a boost of energy, ensure I’ve had some time ON the business and help me to keep the growth momentum going.  AND the fun bit is either human connection or my own rewards.

3- Fill each day with something you like to do.
If you like your social content- create a couple of posts each day rather than batching it.  If you like to check in on clients- spread them through the week so you have something good each day.  You will then find it easier to do the hard tasks you have in your diary too.

4- Use a great planner.
Using a planner that allows you to journal, plan, write goals, review etc is therapeutic as well as being a great organising tool.  The act of writing and getting things out of your head and onto paper mean you have that headspace to enjoy something else or to really switch off when the workday is done. So whilst you might think the actual planner isn’t fun (I do, planner geek here) the act of using it allows you the space for fun.

5- Refresh your work zone.
Now, this can be something little like adding some cute prints to your office or refreshing the lighting or it could be huge like investing in a regular hot desk or co-working space.  If your surroundings are dull and drab your day will feel that way.  To change it up I often work from a local pub or co-working space so I can treat myself to a nice lunch or a post-work stroll around the shops- lunch and shops, what’s more fun than that?

6- Be a fun boss!
To yourself.  Think about what you would do if you had a team of people- how would you make it fun?  Would you recognise their achievements, organise treats for great performance, celebrate their birthday?  Do it for yourself.  If nothing else you’re getting into great practice for when you’ve built a team.

7- NEVER work on your birthday
If birthdays are your thing (I LOVE them!!).  If not, pick some key days you will NEVER work, maybe that’s bank holidays or Sundays. And make sure you fill those days with something that brings you pure joy!

8- Have a Christmas do. 

Or a ‘whatever’ do depending on when your business needs the break.  You could maybe collaborate with other self-employed people, treat suppliers, or simply take yourself to a spa day and shut off from the world.  But do something to mark an occasion.

9- Just say no.
Now, when you do this it won’t feel fun at all for the first few times.  If you’re a people pleaser (like I was/am) it will feel VERY painful until you’ve done it a few times.  Saying no to things you hate, don’t want to do, can’t do, don’t have time to do (the list goes on) will give you the chance to have fun, relax, recharge and the confidence to keep saying NO to things that add no joy or purpose.

Again, pretend you are the ideal boss.  Would you expect an employee to deliver 20 hours of work in 5 hours?  Would you ask them to sit in a dingy, dark and cold environment?  Would you make them eat rubbish food at their desk and call it lunch?  NO, certainly not! So don’t do those things to yourself!

BONUS- The same bonus as usual!!!
Outsource the stuff that isn’t fun or that gets in the way of your fun to someone who can do it more efficiently, quickly, be more effective and gets it off your to do list!

Book a call with me today and we will see what you need support with and if you like me and see us working together I will pair you with a VA (or team of) who will make your life a whole load easier!

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