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Ok, so you’ve decided you want to outsource but how?  What next?

Working with a virtual assistant (VA) can be a great way to streamline your business operations and save you time. However, if you’ve never worked with a VA before, it can be slightly scary, like handing over your baby!  So here we go, some tips I’ve pulled together from working with clients for a few years now…this is how to work with a VA effectively.

  1. Clearly Define Your Tasks and Expectations

The first step in working with a VA is to clearly define your tasks and expectations.  But don’t worry, I’m here to help you with this.

On your intake call, I will walk you through some questions that will help pull out what you need help with and we can work that into your expectations. So don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure what you need help with.

To prepare you can make a list of the tasks you want your VA to handle and communicate your expectations clearly. This will be a good place to start and a great way to establish a good rhythm. 

2- Think about the best way to communicate

Communication is key when working with a VA. Decide with your VA on the best communication method that works for both of you, whether it’s through email or messaging apps.  I set up a Trello board for each client so you have somewhere (ONE place is always best) to drop attachments comments etc.

It’s also great to determine how often you’ll check in with each other for instance for my 10-hour retainer packages I offer a free 15-30 min catch-up a month so it’s great to know that’s there.

3- Provide Guidelines and checklists (if you have them)

This can include information about your products or services, your brand values, and your preferred style and tone of communication, brand guidelines. Providing your VA with these resources will help them understand your business and serve your clients better.  However, if you don’t have them, we can build them together. 

4- Be Available for Questions and Feedback

Your VA may have questions or need feedback from you, especially in the first couple of weeks so agreeing on those communication methods we spoke about is key.  I always encourage you to be open, honest and willing to give constructive feedback to help your VA improve.  I’m always totally honest with you, it’s part of my charm 😂 but it honestly makes the business move forward more quickly and before you know it you’re over your initial fears and you’re an outsourcing queen!  I have feedback cards on your Trello board too, always making it super easy! 

5-Track Progress and Set Milestones

This, in fact, is something your VA should do for/with you.

Enabling you to track business progress to ensure the investment is driving you towards your goals, whether that’s fewer headaches, more sales, more time off with friends and family!

There we go, 5 tips but honestly, if you pick the right VA this will flow nicely, you’ll fall into a pattern within a few weeks and you’ll see the benefits. 

Working with a VA can be a great way to streamline your business operations and save you time, headaches and make space for more creativity and fun!