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7 questions to ask yourself if you’re planning on investing in 2022!

1- Can you earn what you want to working the way you’re currently working?

Or have you hit a ceiling?  I know I did and that spurred me into action so I could continue the work I love, change and flex so I could do more too! Learning about packaging with VA Copy College was invaluable.  Chantelle encouraged me to look at my business in a different way meaning since March 2021 I’ve doubled my turnover and still only work 3 days a week!

2- Do you exude complete confidence when you’re sending proposals to clients?

Something I wanted to do was write and design for clients, but I only enjoyed it I wasn’t confident in it.  So, when I started Copy College, I said it was to help my own copy and my own marketing efforts.  I wasn’t even brave enough at that time to admit that I was wanting to offer this to clients as a service.

So, if you are completely confident every time you talk to a prospect or a client, then you’re probably ok.  If you have a niggling voice or feel there is a gap in your offering, it might be time for some development.

3- Do you do everything to the best of Its potential- not yours?

Sometimes we can all just do something to tick it off the list.  Half a*se some social posts or drop a sporadic email to the list.  We can then pop a tick in the marketing box.  But can you honestly say that everything you’re doing in your business is the best it can be?  If yea, wow, what’s your secret?  Please tell me! If no, you’re like most of us for sure!

My intention in my business is to practice what I preach and relinquish control my own VA will be a lot busier and I will have the headspace to be consistent, focus on what I’m awesome at and organise my team so we’re super-efficient.

If you’ve thought about having a VA and not sure if you’re ready for one, or how to plan what you would hand over- grab my easy workbook now to help you.

4- Are you passionate about your day to day work?

Do you wake up eager to get started, confident to open your PC and hit the ground running, clear on your goals and tasks for the day?  Or do you stare at your to do list trying to figure out what to tackle first and wish you were doing more of the stuff you started the business to do?

That feeling is part of being a small business owner, but if you’re smart with it you’ll play in your zone of genius and hire people to play in there’s.  Inevitably you’ll make more money if you’re doing what you love and doing it more often, likely to cover the cost of a VA!  Drop me an email if you want to chat about your VA options.

5- Do you get lots of client referrals and great testimonials?

Do you?  Have a think about this one?  If not, it’s likely that you’ve not had time to ask or not listened properly to their feedback (it’s often hidden in emails and WhatsApp).  Because you’re so busy moving on to the next thing you need to halt, make space and look for the good in your business.  If you’re struggling to find new business, some investment might be just what you need.  I changed my whole business path with Copy College so taking that chance was the best thing I did that year!

6- Are there still things that fall to you that you hate?

Similar to point 4.  Before you think that you can’t get help with the things you hate because it’s “part of” being a business owner you need to give outsourcing and getting support a try.

OR you maybe can just get rid of these tasks too- use the planner, it really helps!

7- Do you have a weak area you want to brush up on?

Basically- this is the question you need to ask yourself if you are thinking about investing in some development.  If the answer is yes then pick a course that suits you, your needs and the way you like to learn and absorb new information.

I’m a huge advocate of investing in myself and my business.  It’s backing yourself to win, simply put.  If you do invest make sure you throw yourself fully into it and get the absolute most you can from the support including other people who are doing the same course.  Forge friendships because we all know how lonely this crazy self-employed lifestyle can be.

Let me know what you decide to invest in and if it is a VA, I’d love to have a chat to see if me and my team fit your business!

Have a wonderful new year whatever you decide to do-do it with intention 💕