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I personally love a Monday morning, but I know they can be tough for some people. The dread of the to-do list and the mundane routine, the lack of time for yourself! It builds up.

But they don’t have to be so bad, this is how I flipped my view on Monday and what I do so it kickstarts my week. With a kick start rather than chancing it, I give myself the best shot to feel balanced.  I give myself the best opportunity to get that wellness into the week and understand where my gaps are and where my potential “overloads” are. 


Write your plans on Friday 

When you’re still in week day mode and you know what’s in store for the weekend – write out what you hope to get from the following week.  Goals, plans, business progress, client work, so that you can quickly pick these up on a Monday morning and you’re not wasting time remembering where you were up to etc.

I have all of this in Trello and then I roughly time block my diary – in my paper planner not always in my online diary!

Organise your house and mind
For me, I can’t start work until the living room is straight and the dishwasher is emptied.  I also do a quick journal mind dump (I’ve told you about these before) and if it’s dry a quick dog walk.  Just knowing these jobs are done makes me feel more organised sure, but it’s what it does to my mind, there’s nothing niggling at me I’m clear to focus and create! So think about what jobs you need to get done to feel cleansed!


My first step is a quick triage – I actually block out half an hour for this.  And it usually goes like this…

📩 Check emails for anything new thats come in and delete everything I don’t need.
📝 Check client Trello board again for anything new.
📈 Review my own socials, add anything in, schedule some more bits and finish that weeks blog.

When I’ve done these 3 activities I feel organised, clear and I know what needs to happen OR if things need to be rejigged! 



I find my dog walk enough every day but on the days I go to the gym in the morning I’m WAY more productive! I get a sense of accomplishment that propels me through the day.  Now I only do pilates or weights/resistance training so I’m not a runner or swimmer or anything but feeling like there’s a big task that’s usually hard to fit in ticked off the list just gives me an irreplaceable buzz! 



I find I naturally do this as part of my job, I check in with clients, I engage with my social media business buddies so I don’t feel like I need to plan it.  But, a lot of my clients when we chat things through find that they haven’t spoken to anyone but me that working week! So try and get some chats going at the start of the week or simply check the diary- have you any connection time in that week, if not, now is the time to add it in! 


Get better at those boundaries! 

Ok, I’m still getting there with that one myself but this is what I try to do.

I find if something is in my planner or diary I find it easier to say no.  So, for instance, if I have a HUGE to do list that day I will literally block out 3-4 hours in the morning and simply call it TO DO LIST.  I then know when I check my diary if someone asks me for a favour or some last minute work, I know I have time blocked out so something must be important!

It works for me but I still have a huge saying no problem- hello people pleasers 👋🏼


Plan in your time and your reward! 

Knowing how you’re gonna end the day is a great motivator – IF it’s something good! For some reason we’re programmed to hate Monday’s or I’ve even heard people say “you ate out on a Monday how bizarre” 😂.

If you know how your day will end, you know what little treat is waiting for you, you will smash the day, feel accomplished and then you can enjoy that bath, book, wine, great dinner or maybe even squeeze in a pilates session!


Ok so a few things that I do to start my week and get the most from it.

In all honesty most of them are about protecting my mindset, and making sure I’m doing important work activities when I know my natural energy is there to support them!

Making space in your business for this kind of flow will help you grow AND achieve balance.  And that’s what we do for you, I’d love to chat to you soon…book in below.