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Spent hours staring at a screen and have no ideas? 

Do you worry about having to create new content all the time? 

Would you rather be doing something else, something that you’re really good at, possibly the thing you started the business to do in the first place?

Cool, then you need this simple formula that I follow for my own content AND for my clients.

Prep Step 1- Grab a wine or tea or drink of choice.
Prep Step 2- Now grab a pen and paper.
Prep Step 3- Set a timer on your phone (but keep it at the other side of the room so you don’t end up scrolling).

PRE WORK!! You might want to do this before you set that first timer.

Think about your content pots/pillars.  I use 4 for ease.  These are the ‘types’ of content you post so think things like “behind the scenes”, “Industry updates”, “product/service info” or “tips”. 

Step 1- 10 min timer.
List what you’re selling this quarter.  Brain dump everything.  New lead magnets, special offers, think about events that might relate to your business.

Step 2- 10 min timer.
*Note-I’m basing this on a weekly blog and newsletter and daily posts.  Yep, once you have a system it’s easier to stay consistent and achieve more in less time.
So, now, think of 12 questions (or however many weeks are in the quarter you’re planning for) that you’re ideal client would Google.

These will become your blog titles/subjects.

Step 3- 20 min timer.
Now open a word doc and start writing, now we’re probably not gonna smash out full blogs at this point but just getting some bullet points under the title will mean you have something on paper to re-visit when it’s time to write.

Step 4- 10 min timer.
You have the bones of your blogs, look at that week and think about social posts (4) that can link to that blog.  You can fill the other 3 posts with posts to build relationships, follow up posts or even ‘live’ stuff that’s happening.

At this point I just write what my post will be about.  I also have 4 set graphics I use in order so having that really helps you to speed up as you know 1- what graphic you will use and 2- what content pillar you will post about and 3- what you will link to (the subject in the blog).

Step 5- 10 min timer.
Pull all of that into a one pager calendar and list your weekly newsletter titles- this will be similar to your blog as you will link to the blog in each email.

We’ve perfected this process now as we want to get more ‘bang for the buck’.  So if you’re writing a blog then you can easily pull all your content from that.

We can of course, do this for you or even parts of it so if you want to see how that can work for you let’s book a call and see what package would be best.

Let me know how you get on 💕