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OK, I’ll be completely honest here, I didn’t do this to start with, or at least I didn’t do it well. Some would call it Imposter Syndrome- constantly asking myself things like:

Would I like what I see?

Why are the numbers not as big as others?

Why am I even running a business? I think I’ll go and work in the shop down the road.

I soon stopped that as it served no one, not me, not clients not ANYONE! Years working in retail I know one thing- you can’t manage what you can’t measure. I used to get frustrated with sheets, pointless numbers, ridiculous analytics and no plan/strategy being implemented after printing and reading them. So why was I heading down this route myself?

So, during lockdown 1, when I actually had minimal clients and not much to measure, I sorted my sh*t out. I now have an hour in my diary the first Tuesday of each month just to look at some simple things, check what’s serving me and what’s not and that my friends is my business review. This is how I do it in a nutshell.

Yes sometimes it takes more than an hour- but this first stage, that’s the hour, the list/plan/strategy that’s what takes the time.

Some recommendations I have for this.

💡Do it with someone else, fresh eyes help.

If you work with a VA, OBM or anyone else in your team, why not get them involved? I am planning on getting some support with the actual data collection side so that I can literally look at one sheet of paper and have everything I need to allow more time for the changes/follow up. But having a fresh pair of eyes looking at it means they might spot opportunities where you don’t, they might say things like “well done” and “wahooo” to help you spot the greatness you have overlooked. Equally, they might be like, “come on now- you need to focus more on this and get out your own bloody way!”

💡Focus only on the things that contribute to your overall goal.

That is why I ALWAYS start with the goals, just to refresh in my mind what I am trying to achieve, remind myself what the focus is so that when I look at everything else I can constantly ask “what is this feeding into”. If the answer is nothing then it’s real easy to throw it away. It is so easy, you know it is, to get caught up in everything, all the courses, free boot camps, strategies, the next NEW thing. BUT if that thing isn’t serving your goals, then I am afraid you need to miss out-you will thank me for it!

💡Don’t worry about what other people are doing

I have stopped this and it’s changed everything. I don’t worry what they’re doing and I don’t overthink how they view me. People’s experience of me is not something I can change or influence. I know I am me, heart on my sleeve truth coming out of my mouth in its sometimes rambling, sweary way I am always me. And that’s where the control ends. So I don’t worry if I am not doing what they’re doing, I don’t worry if I look as though I am behind or if I make a small mistake. I worry about my goals, my values and my next steps best for my clients, best for my business and best for my life.

💡Look back at it- no point having the stats and then no plan for what’s next.

This is the part I have always been good at but so many aren’t. People set goals because we’re taught to or we think it’s right. If you’re not going to look at them regularly, review them, replan and change them then there really is no point. Make a SIMPLE plan, think about what you can do yourself, outsource what you can’t and then plan things in-it’s the ONLY way to make progress.


If we can’t celebrate our own successes as entrepreneurs well, who’s going to do it for us? I have spoken about this before but each week I write in my planner, on the Friday space, what my reward will be for that week. What will I do on Friday if I hit all my goals? Will I book my nails? I might order restaurant vouchers, I might even order some new gym gear or it could simply be grabbing a nice bottle from the wine bar. Who knows! But it’s something that keeps me motivated, focussed and allows me that acknowledgement of success and that celebration time.

If you are working on that list and need to outsource something, you know where I am- book a chat today. I can’t wait to hear from you.