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Revolution over resolution

No more feeling stale in your business. 
Feel excited about running your own company again! 
Take an ACTIVE approach to change. 
No more January deprivation!!  

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Fed up of the same old cr*p in January?

Me too, so I’m doing something about it. 

Each week I’ll give you a quick challenge that, in some way, will boost your business.  All the challenges are focussed around ‘newness’ specifically around trying something new- based on the craft beer phenomenon of Tryanuary. 

The challenges and ‘optional’ playbook will drop into your inbox and be over on my Instagram 


2 challenges a week- Monday for focus Friday for fun. 
Weekly check in on Wednesday’s stories. 
Feel excited about it again! 

🖤 Face mini fears. 

🖤 Change the way you’ve ‘always’ done things. 

🖤 Feel the thrill of trying something new.

🖤 Boost your confidence. 

🖤 Increase your motivation levels. 

🖤 Flip the V’s to a boring, deprived and sad January. 


I can’t wait to see you there! Let’s sprinkle some fun, magic and energy in January! I’m starting as I mean to go on, are you?

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