Our services are designed to match each customers needs, so while we have a list here of the types of things we have to offer its by no means the limit of what we can do.  On your complimentary and no obligation discovery call we can discuss all of your needs, pinch points and desired outcomes.  This allows me to tailor some solutions to you.

We also champion change and flexibility so if you have one of our monthly packages and then the projects/demands change, don’t worry we can work and change with you.  We will always:

  • Be flexible and adaptable
  • Be honest and to the point
  • Offer suggestions when we see a possible solution.

Benefits and perks

Business Admin

General admin duties, anything that is a time sapper in your business or day to day life, hand it over. We can ensure this ticks over while you spend your time doing what you love and what you are good at.

Travel and Holidays

Manage your travel needs for work or personal. Think holidays, weekend breaks and family get togethers.

Social Media and Marketing

We can take control of your social media and marketing, from initial assesment and strategy to results and alaysis.

Learning and Development

We speciliase in L&D meaning you can provide an awesome employee experience and at point of need without the expense of hiring internally. From TNA to delivery and evlauation or finding your perfect provider.

Events Management

So often we find that the person planning the event doesnt necessarily enjoy it or have the skills to do so and it pulls away from the work or other things they have to do and eats into their spare or their fun time. We can take that away, sort it from conception to completion. Stress free and lets the others get back to what they are good at or just having fun!

All about having fun!

Whatever it is that is sucking the joy out of your life or business then just pick up the phone. Lets get back to reaching goals and having more fun! Life is short, dont just live it, love it!

Our Customer Journey

Ministry VA will always offer a simple straight to the point and customer centric solution. Years of customer service experience has led to it being through everything we do! The journey makes sure you know what you will experience and ensures we commit to it for each and every customer, one off project or monthly package.

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