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Our Services

We have a range of ways to work with us- to make sure you get the most ‘bang of your buck!’

You can browse the packages below for an idea but it’s usually best just to book a call as we can tailor make for you.

Client Journey Review

I will look at your journey (as a prospect) and make recommendations on how it can be smoother/slicker and lead to more sales.


Customer Care Copy Kit

1 newsletter
1 blog
1x30m plan call
12x Social posts-copy and graphic (one platform)

*Copy only add on VA magic to get it scheduled etc. 

Email Sequences
Copy & Design

Nurture or sales sequences to drive your customers from cold to hot to sale. 

*Copy only add on VA magic to get it integrated

Kartra Set Up

Looking to set up Kartra, don’t spend hours looking at it and learning let us do it for you and provide you with some screen videos of your own site to use as training moving forwards.

Virtual Assistant Packages
Min 5 hours per month retainer
3 Month min.


From £275 per month for copy
(Min 3 months)
*Add on 5 VA hours for only £125

From £250 per sequence
*Add on 5 VA hours for only £125

Starting at £450


How do I know if I’m ready to outsource?

If you’ve no time to do what you love in your business, find yourself staring at a system not sure how to use it or there are parts of your business that you’re missing- they’re all signs that you are ready to outsource. 
If you download this workbook here (free) it will help you to decide! 

How does it work?

However is best for you- in a nutshell,  I will guide you with best practice but in your intake call we will discuss the ways you like to work and make sure that we fit into that as much as we can.

How will we keep track?

You will see get your own Trello board (and a how to video if you’ve never used it) and this is where we can record tasks, updates etc. 
At the end of each week you will get an hours update so you know where you’re up to if your on a VA package.

How soon can we start?

Get a discovery call booked in.  I will then send you a service proposal (usually same day).  All we have to do then is sign the contract, book a complimentary intake call.  So as soon as those are done, we are ready to go! 

We take your privacy seriously.