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When you’re a woman running a business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the busier you are, the more productive you’ll be, I know I have done that before!

BUT, the truth is that slowing down is actually the key to getting more done.

This is how…


The Slow and Smooth Approach

The slow and smooth approach is a principle that emphasises the importance of taking your time to do things right the first time. Rather than rushing through tasks and making mistakes, slowing down and doing things with care and attention will create better flow and can help you achieve better results.  That’s what a Virtual Assistant is great for, nailing those processes. 


Take the Time to Plan
And then prioritise your tasks.  Then you can work more efficiently and effectively. By breaking down big projects into smaller, more manageable tasks, you can focus on each task individually and give it the attention it deserves. When I don’t do this I can feel myself panicking, I feel like I have no control and I hammer out a couple of really late nights thinking it will help! Then, hello burnout!


The Smooth and Fast Approach

My smooth and fast approach follows on from Slow and Smooth.  Now you’ve taken the time to create great processes (or had our help) you can do the day to day stuff with speed and feel confident that things are smooth and accurate! 

This is why…


The Benefits of Slowing Down

Reduced stress.  That feeling of panicking and feeling really busy but not actually getting stuff done.  Jumping from task to task, waking in the night worrying about if you’ve finished that project, did you meet that deadline- they will all be a think of the past! Slowing down and taking the time to do things properly will help stop all of this worry.


Get sh*t done! By breaking down big projects into smaller, more manageable tasks, you can work more efficiently and effectively, your productivity goes through the roof but you actually feel more in control and calm, like a real grown up (that’s what I feel like anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️)


Improved quality.  When you take the time to do things properly, you can achieve better results and produce higher-quality work.  I always find that when I’m super proud of something my confidence increases too and I’m excited and creative rather than drained and burnt out. 


Greater creativity.  A knock on from above- when  you see something with such quality you know your creative juices are flowing and because you’re focussing on that without the other things eating away at your energy, it just grows! Slowing down is also what inspires new ideas- I’m telling you I need a notepad in the shower! 


More time for fun.  As I ALWAYS say, this is the biggy!  When you’re not constantly rushing to get things done, you can free up time to enjoy life and have more fun.


So, slowing down is actually the key to getting more done when you’re in this crazy self-employed life. Let’s make that entrepreneur lifestyle you craved a reality. Book a call, I’d love a virtual drink, we can see if a Virtual Assistant is right for you.