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If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know this but just to reiterate, I’m all about keeping it real, simple and making life easy.

Delegation is key to living that simple stress-free life, but if you don’t delegate well then it can become another stress, and I know you don’t want that.

Here’s the lowdown or the nitty-gritty of delegating to a VA. You’re ready to offload some tasks and free up your time so make that delegation thing work like a charm.  

Get to know with Your VA
First off, get to know your VA like you would a trusted friend or business buddy. Have a chat, understand their working style, their strengths, and where they shine. This isn’t just about work; it’s about finding your perfect match, although virtual assistants are freelance you can still recruit them in the same way you would someone who works for you. Compatibility matters! That way they can make a difference from day 1

Pick comms that suit you! 
Choose a communication method you’re already using. Whether it’s Slack, email, Zoom, carrier pigeon (okay, maybe not the last one), stick to what you’re comfortable with. Consistency is key, and using a channel you’re familiar with means you’re more likely to keep the conversation and delegation flowing. All my clients get a Trello board and that works a treat.

Hand over the right stuff
Be strategic about what you’re delegating. Start small with tasks that are eating up your time or things you’re not great at or are draining your energy. As the trust builds, you can expand the list. Think of it like sharing the load, not dumping your entire business on their lap and you’ll feel much more in control. 

Let Go, but stay in the loop
Delegating doesn’t mean disappearing into the sunset. Keep an eye on things, provide guidance, and be open to answering questions. It’s a team effort, after all. Being available to offer direction keeps the workflow smooth and efficient. I know that when clients are there for quick questions at the start of the work ALWAYS end up being the best relationships with the best results.

Feedback loop is the loop
Communicate your thoughts, feelings, and feedback. Let your VA know what’s working like a charm and what needs a little tweak. Constructive criticism isn’t about finger-pointing/blame it’s about leveling up the game together, as I always say t o my 5yo, team work makes the dream work 🖤

Delegating doesn’t have to be rocket science, but it’s a game-changer when done right. So, grab a call, let’s have a virtual drink, discuss where you need some support and we’ll get you matched to your perfect Virtual Assistant. 

The real key to success is to remember, it’s not about tossing tasks and forgetting them; it’s about building a partnership. Keep it chilled, simple and real, and watch the magic unfold.