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When you’re looking for a VA you might not have dyslexia high on the list of traits you want. But I know that many of the things that make me a great VA are actually down to my dyslexia. I only found out I was dyslexic when I was 17 and halfway through my A-levels. I got pretty good GCSEs and didn’t really change my study style once I knew I had it, so I must’ve honed my coping skills quite early.

The skills a dyslexic freelancer can bring to your business are awesome. Or maybe you’re dyslexic yourself?  If so I hope this gives you confidence in running your own business, you have these secret skills just waiting to help you!


I like to think that there is no box when it comes to creative thinking and I always look at a glass as re-fillable, no limitations here!

Having dyslexia means we work and think in different ways, we’ve worked through a schooling system that didn’t recognise it or know how to help. So we create our own ways of learning, we hone in our initiative early doors and we get creative. We are known for finding solutions to problems that others might consider ‘unorthodox because we are used to being flexible and having to do things in different/less obvious ways. This helps when we are out in the ‘real world’ and a lot of entrepreneurs do actually have dyslexia. We carry that initiative and the ‘doing things our own way’ and we make it work for us.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”

Albert Einstein


You’ll have heard me bang on about keeping things simple before, things become quicker, slicker and a lot of the ‘noise’ is removed. I honestly am amazed by how many people sell things based on them being over-complicated and bamboozling people into thinking they can’t do it. Keeping things simple means they are easier, clearer and it gives you that space I talk about too. Looking at the bigger picture and wanting to make things understandable and useable has lead to us know how you can effectively keep things simple.

“Being dyslexic can actually help in the outside world. I see some things clearer than other people do because I have to simplify things to help me and that has helped others.”

Richard Branson


“You can spot patterns that other people can’t” is the one positive thing one of the worst managers I EVER had said to me. And it stuck with me because I know that’s my dyslexia shining through. I often talk to clients/leads about using VA’s and/or freelancers in their business to have a fresh set of eyes, a second business brain, and someone who is removed from the day-to-day. I love to be that second, and look at easy wins, quick wins, what we can remove and what we can improve! I love this from Stephen Covey- “dyslexia is considered a problem, it’s not, it’s just another opportunity!”


I know I have a lot of energy when it comes to the right thing. So, when it comes to creativity, opportunity, the chance to change, the chance to make a difference, that’s where my energy comes from. Having a VA with energy like this helps you. Often my clients come to me a little too late, when the energy, love, and creativity have become slightly buried by the ‘other stuff’. Now that’s the stuff I help with and my energy will help to bring back yours. Try and not leave it too late, outsourcing the STUFF you need to sooner rather than later has such as positive impact.

 “Energy is contagious. Be bold enough to raise the standards of everyone around you.”



I know what clients want before they do. That’s obviously not always the case but because I can spot those patterns, because I have different ways of working and am used to be adaptable- I can sense when things are happening because the pattern is repeating itself. Having an intuitive VA is worth her weight in gold. Someone who can prompt things for you and can keep on top of not just what’s happening but what is likely to occur soon and take care of it (or capitalise on it) for you.

 “What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.”


Looks at everything in the bigger picture.

We do this because we crave that simplicity and we need to understand where things fit for them to make sense. In so many previous jobs I was given tasks and there was no clear reason to me as to why we’re doing it, or it was VERY obvious to me that it was a duplicate task. Being able to see the big picture means you can spot things that are missing AND things that are duplicated! When you hire a VA you need to benefit from this. You are too close to your business to take a full picture view with full effect, so this is where that second business brain and those fresh eyes really benefit you!

Entrepreneurial spirit

Having all of the traits I have talked about gives us a true entrepreneurial spirit. My whole life I have wanted to run my own business, I have always had an element of side hustle going on and I knew I would end up self-employed one day. Some of the pains that come with self-employed life are the things I love! I love working in different hats on very different things. Having a VA is great as they understand the self-employment roller coaster, we share your pain, we just get it! Because we think differently we have that spirit that is different from others.

“I seemed to think in a different way from my classmates. I was very focused on trying to set up a business and create something. My dyslexia guided the way we communicated with customers.”

Richard Branson


If you think your business could benefit from any of these additional skills we need to have a chat- you can book a call or you can just drop me a message over on Instagram! Can’t wait to hear from you!