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Change is inevitable, especially when you’re a business owner who’s also a parent. My son recently started school (on the same week as his birthday, good job I love a checklist!), which has led to a shake-up in my working hours and a need for even greater flexibility.

As any entrepreneur will tell you, adaptability is key to success. So, what am I doing to make this transition work for me?

Here are my basics and I hope you can steal some so they can work for you too! 

  1. Delegating More to My VA 

My trusty Virtual Assistant (VA) is an integral part of my business, but now, more than ever, her support is invaluable. I’m delegating tasks that previously occupied my time, such as publishing these blogs, sending my invoices and sorting my emails.  This is allowing me to focus on essential activities that drive my business forward without exhausting me! 

  1. Setting Up a Pickup Rota with Family Members

I know not everyone is this lucky but for me, I’m fortunate to have relatives willing to help with school pickups. We’ve created a simple rota (on Canva) so I know I have a couple of nights a week that I can work past pick-up time.

  1. Working at the Gym

I’ve found a way to integrate work and self-care by working at the gym. It’s a win-win situation: I get to stay active, destress, and focus on tasks, all in one place. If you’re juggling a busy schedule, combining exercise with work might be the game-changer you need.  One thing I won’t be letting slip is my self-care – it makes such a difference to my work output! 

  1. Revisiting My 2023 Goals

With this shift in my routine, I’m taking time to reevaluate my goals for the year. Some have been ticked off, others need adjustment, and a few have been scrapped – as always I wonder what January me was thinking 😂. Flexibility is key; goals should adapt as your circumstances change. 

  1. Booking a 2-Day Business Retreat

To ensure I stay on track and maintain my creative spirit (and love for my business), I’ve scheduled a two-day business retreat. It’s just me, a plan, some coloured pens, and a structured approach to revamp strategies and recharge creatively.

  1. Loading the Diary with New Client Calls

Keeping my team busy is essential for productivity and growth. I’ve made sure my diary is brimming with calls with potential new clients. The more clients we help, the more we can achieve collectively.

So, change doesn’t have to be daunting and I want you to see change for the opportunity it is – you can reassess, adapt, and grow. Whether you’re a parent, a business owner, or both, flexibility is your superpower. Embrace it, delegate when you can, and remember that with the right support, you can achieve your goals, no matter what life throws your way.

If you’re thinking about outsourcing tasks and need support, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can have a free, no-obligation call with me (Ellen) to explore how Ministry VA might be the right fit for you.