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As women, we are strong, powerful and creative.  Our ideas and skills lend themselves to exciting businesses and wonderful lives as entrepreneurs.  But, a lot of women I speak to were ‘pushed’ into their business by lack of childcare, redundancy before or during mat leave or having to move away for a partner’s job. And when that partner is a man, it tends to be that they’re paid more etc etc- you know even though it’s 2023 FFS! When I started Ministry Virtual Assistants, it was due to being made redundant- a few days after I gave birth.

Anyway, as always, you rise to the challenge. You start your business and you dream of your new lifestyle.  (Spoiler alert working with a Virtual Assistant can help you achieve this…read on…)  

You dream of 

✨ Filling your days with work that lights you up.

✨ Flexibility that allows you to pick the kids up.

✨ Time in the kitchen to have lovely homemade food.

✨ And…all that commute time saved…ooo the potential.

You’re flying.  Your workspace is set up, you’ve already got customers/clients but wow, the ‘other’ stuff, that hits like a tonne of bricks.  The never ending admin, the need to market the business, the finance stuff, the legal bits and bobs, the sheer time it takes to simply reply to everyone.

Suddenly the energy isn’t there.  You start to doubt yourself whether you did the right thing with this business and the bit that you love- starts to feel painful.  I mean I’ve even had clients stop marketing because they were too nervous to take on more paying customers because the NON PAYING tasks were taking up too much time.

I know this to be true because not only have I been there with my business (a few times it doesn’t only happen once) but ALL of my clients have felt the same…ALL of them.

Another similarity with my clients is that, initially, they saw having support like a Virtual Assistant or outsourcing something from their business seemed like a luxury that they couldn’t have.  Not usually because of the money, but because they didn’t feel confident having a team, or they felt like they SHOULD be able to do this alone.  Why do we always feel that way?

At Ministry we work almost exclusively with female-led businesses, the majority are solopreneurs who were doing all of this alone…or hiding away from these tasks completely. You need to build a team to be successful and a Virtual Assistant is a great place to start.

We don’t fit into a box, a great Virtual Assistant can one minute be drafting you some social posts and the next be linking your terms and conditions to your payment pages.  It’s not just about admin support, it’s about business support and growth.  We’re here for you, in your corner, with fresh business eyes, a second business brain and most valuable- someone to run ideas past.  A sounding board who is also running a business- it’s a support you don’t know you need when you start out, how would you?

So when you face these challenges- managing a large workload, balancing professional and personal responsibilities, and dealing with limited time and resources a Virtual Assistant, wing woman, right-hand man can be an absolute game changer.

There are so many wins but here are a few to get you started.  

✨ Free up your time spent on repetitive admin tasks.  You know the ones that seem to happen every day.  We can support doing them but also a great Virtual Assistant can streamline your process and automate tasks so your business is simpler and slicker.

✨ Protect your energy.  This means you can truly shine and enjoy the bits of your business that you’re amazing at.  When you do the stuff you love the rest comes easier.  AND your clients (and leads) notice and that high energy vibe bags you more sales.

✨ Reducing stress.  How long can you truly do everything yourself?  I lasted 3 weeks.  Then I realised (running my husbands business) that an accountant was a none negotiable for me. I also quickly realised that my Friday mornings would be better working ON my business than cleaning my house so the next none negotiable was a cleaner.  My house is cleaned and I’ve spent the morning chatting to leads, checking in on goals, planning the following weeks and catching up with my VA and team- stuff that actively moves my business forwards.

✨ Access our skills. Why would you know how to use Mailchimp or host your membership in Kartra?  Why would you know how to use Trello to organise your tasks or how to triage your emails so your inbox time is super focussed?  It’s not your job to do that, it’s ours.  The chef doesn’t wait tables and the waitress doesn’t work on the sauce section- they have their jobs and don’t pretend they can do everything.  We have a mix of skills that come from our corporate lives AND working with a variety of clients on an array of projects and tasks.   

✨ Flexibility. You aren’t hiring us. You don’t have to worry about paperwork, policies, H&S, sick pay…ooo the list goes on.  Just 10 hours a month can make a huge difference to your output, your energy and your sanity. It’s flexible and a virtual team is the perfect way to grow your business. 

So, give it some thought.  Can you continue how you’re going?  Or could you do with some help to streamline and sort out your business as a one of project or monthly support to pick up a mix of tasks you hate doing, that sap your time and energy or frankly- you just can’t do?

I’d love to have a quick chat and virtual drink with you- let’s get 20 mins in the diary, see if we fit and what team ministry can do for you and your business.

You can book to chat with Ellen who will run up a personal proposal for you- all free and match you to one of the wonderful VA’s at Team Ministry. 

We can’t wait to be your right-hand woman and move you to that entrepreneur lifestyle you dreamt of.