What is a VA
What is a Virtual Assistant?

When I came across Virtual Assistant, I honestly thought…I need one of those for my life, I used to joke and say I wish I had a 1950’s housewife at home! When I worked for a corporate, I covered the length and breadth of the country and living in the middle of the M6 corridor this involved sitting in ALOT of traffic and ALOT of my life admin and housework etc wasn’t getting done!

I realised when I was on mat leave how much me doing the background work for our family business really increased productivity and outputs and most importantly saved us time to have fun rather than just doing work all the time. So, I revisited the world of Virtual Assistants, completed a course and set up the business. I am passionate about helping people reach their goals, whether that’s in their business or personal goals.

I think it is so important nowadays to focus on what adds value to your life, what makes you feel good. It can be so easy to get caught up in tasks that will take up your time either because you don’t have the skill to do it or the will! And that’s where a VA can come in. Think travel arrangements, shopping, admin tasks, planning, social media, marketing, filing, emails, email folders.
I specialise in events and learning and development so if you do have a company without and L&D function and want to upskill your staff, improve results and improve your employee journey and satisfaction. To give you an idea a bit more I have tried my hand at poetry…

Save you time,
Buy you freedom.
Fill some gaps and
Solve a problem.

Be your teams’ coach,
Decide what they need to know.
Grow them strong and,
Let the results show.

Plan your event,
Wow your guests.
Bring in the business,
Give yourself time for your other quests.

So, in short,
We can help you out of a hole,
Run events, train your staff, save you time,
And ultimately help you achieve your goal!

So if you feel you have something in your life needs sorting out, or a pinch point in your business then get in touch. I offer packages, ad-hoc and project work. If you feel that someone you know would benefit please get in touch and recommend me to them and if they sign up a gift will be on its way to you!