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 Friday the 13th, unlucky for some…and me (on paper).

Ok, being less cryptic- on the 13th Oct 2023, I attended the UK VA Conference a day filled with inspiration, connection, and fun by the Bournemouth seaside, even if it rained non-stop, so my bucket and spade have been put away until next year.


There are so many things I loved about this day but what I wanted to do was shine a light on the lack of luck I mentioned!  I was a finalist for the VA of the Year with a small team award. I didn’t take home the trophy. 


And I think this is the fear that stops you from entering awards. 


BUT, the outpouring of congratulations and well-wishes from other Virtual Assistants in the room (and others beyond) was lovely. Simply being a finalist in such a competitive category was a significant achievement, and it reinforced that recognition isn’t solely about winning but also about celebrating the journey and growth.


I will go on to tell you why you should enter awards and celebrate your success. 


I also want you to consider making space in your business to attend conferences, networking, socials, etc- all great for your growth but can all end up on the back burner because you’re swamped with other ‘stuff’.


Lots of people I spoke to about the conference found it weird that I was going to network with a bunch of “competitors” but the value is incredible.  And is sipping Sauvignon and choosing cocktails really networking- yes, yes it is! I was keen to get some new associates for my virtual assistant team and meeting people face to face has really helped that. Building a support network within your industry can open up new opportunities for collaboration and growth and I’m here for that 🖤

This experience led me to reflect on the many women in business I’ve encountered, including both virtual assistant clients and non-clients. It’s surprising how many of these talented and skilled individuals don’t enter awards, whether self-nominated or otherwise.

But, maybe we should give some value to “it’s the taking part that counts.” 


Here are some reasons I think you should join me in both awards entry AND getting out of work and networking- enjoy these benefits 👇🏼 


🖤 Visibility with other Virtual Assistants.

Being a finalist provided me with increased visibility and recognition within my professional network. The exposure and acknowledgment from fellow entrepreneurs is valuable to business and gives you the warm fuzzies.  

🖤 Marketing opportunities.

Awards demonstrate credibility and excellence. Also, as a finalist, I now have more content for blogs and social media posts, like this one 😂 that makes life much easier, right? 

🖤 Connections with finalists.

I had the chance to connect with other finalists, who I may never have met otherwise. When you’re at a similar stage it’s great for knowledge sharing too! 

🖤 Business review. 

The application process encouraged me to review my business in full.  It’s a great exercise as you see how far you’ve come and where your gaps are. I also set new goals and refined my focus, which may not have happened without this.

In addition to the award experience, attending a conference like this offers numerous benefits, including 👇🏼

🖤 Valuable connections

Networking at conferences generally gives you more time than at a standard networking session. It allows you to connect on a more personal/deeper level over lunch, at dinner or at the bar.  It hits a little differently.

🖤 Support

Sometimes when you run a solo business and your team is virtual it can feel lonely.  Chatting with women going through the same as you- so valuable!   

🖤 Development

A great conference features speakers and sessions that enhance your skills, knowledge, and expertise. It’s a fantastic way to stay up-to-date with industry trends.  And this year the UK VA Conference theme was resilience so we tackled some mind monkeys head on 🐒

🖤 Time away from the “norm”.

Stepping out of your daily routine, even if it’s only for a day, can recharge your entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, focus and you get to mix it up a bit. 

🖤 Creative insights.

No Wi-Fi on the train (for 6 hours 🙄) forced me to get scribbling- putting pen to paper became an unexpected creative session and ideas/solutions that must’ve been stuck in there somewhere just flowed out. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of solitude/change of scene to brainstorm fresh ideas.  However, on my train journey back, I smashed Queen Charlotte! Balance, right?



I hope I’ve helped you consider recognition or networking opportunities.  They can significantly impact your growth. And if you’re a Virtual Assistant I say get your arse to next years, I’ll be your friend if you’re worried you won’t know anyone.

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