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You’re the amazing woman in the world of self employment, running your business, smashing home life and building that dream life you were hoping for! All sounds great on paper right?  But I imagine you feel short on energy and even shorter on time?

We know how overwhelming it can be to juggle all the things on your to-do list while working solo. Your mind is buzzing with countless ideas, and it’s easy to feel drained by the never-ending tasks. I get it, I’ve been there too and I wanted to share…

Instead of constantly stressing about time, let’s shift our focus to energy. Why? Well, frankly it’ll make your life easier… 


💪🏼Energy levels vary for everyone: We all have different energy patterns throughout the day. Some of us (hi its me 👋🏼) are morning enthusiasts, while others thrive during the peaceful night hours. Embrace the concept of energy, you can plan your tasks around your most productive moments- read on… 


⏳Productivity isn’t measured by time alone: Simply spending 8 hours at your desk doesn’t mean or guarantee eight hours of productivity.In fact, most people are only productive for about three hours a day. It’s time to wave goodbye to the notion of time ruling our lives. Instead, focus on harnessing your energy during peak moments and taking well-deserved breaks when our energy dips.


⚡Energy is a renewable resource: Unlike time! Energy is something you can replenish. By prioritising self-care and managing your energy levels, you can boost our overall productivity and enjoy that work-life balance we all dreamt of! 


✨Quality triumphs over quantity: It’s not about the length of time you spend on a task; it’s about the energy and passion you invest in it. By emphasising the quality of your work rather than the quantity, you can achieve better results in less time. So, let your passion and creativity flow freely, when it suits you!


🪞Self-awareness is the key: By tuning in to your energy levels, I promise you, you become more self-aware. This heightened awareness allows you to make wiser decisions about managing your time effectively. It’s all about avoiding burnout and increasing your overall productivity, while still finding time to socialize, host, see friends and actually enjoy that family time.


Ok, so here are my tips for embracing the energy-focused approach:


🖤 Discover your peak energy times: Take note of those moments when you feel most alive, alert, and focused. These are the magical moments when you should tackle your most important tasks.


🖤 Take rejuvenating breaks: When your energy levels hit a low point, don’t push yourself too hard. Take refreshing breaks to recharge and come back to your work with a renewed sense of vigor.  Don’t just grab a brew and get back to it.


🖤 Nurture yourself: Remember to nourish your body and mind. Eat nutritious meals, engage in regular exercise, and get enough restful sleep. By taking care of your physical well-being, you’ll have a better handle on managing your energy levels.  This is the one I’m still working on, we can help each other.


In a nutshell, shifting our focus from time to energy does wonders for your productivity, time management, and well-being. Start paying attention to your energy levels and watch your productivity soar while still enjoying all the things you love! You’ve got this you fabulous woman!

If you need more help (or more energy) let’s jump on a call!