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Spring cleaning isn’t just something you should reserve for your house, it’s a great thing to do for your business too. The benefits of having a clear space, a spring clear out of the home or a certain space are amazing.

🖤 Reduce stress- you know where everything is there’s no stress of having to sort ‘that’ before you can get to ‘those’.  You don’t have that ‘everything on top of you’ or ‘don’t know where to start’ feeling.

🖤 Discover things you thought you’d lost!

🖤 Easier to stay on top of with short bursts of tidying rather than having to tackle a nightmare.

🖤 Boosts your productivity and even creativity as you have the space and you feel organized, that helps you become creative, productive and motivated to do more and stay on top of it.

🖤 Allows us to focus better.  When there is clutter and mess our brain is distracted which causes it to overload and can reduce our memory and focus.

It’s no different for your business…

Taking the time out to work ON your business instead of IN it is something that people talk about all the time.  For the past few months (writing this in May 2022) we’ve had a very difficult time and working ON my business has taken a back seat and WOW I’ve really noticed.  

Without that focus I found that;

🖤 I was unsure on where things are and my usually slick processes have felt clunky and unorganized which has made me feel anxious that things aren’t being done properly or even missed completely!

🖤 I was starting my day battling through a pretty full inbox, unclear lists- some on paper, some in my phone, hardly any in Trello! My day started in a bit of a mess so I was frazzled before I even began.

🖤 I closed off my booking link so I wouldn’t get anyone booking in discovery calls, effectively closing my client pipeline and any new business for the past few weeks.  Everything just got on top of me and with the feeling of anxiety, worry and the ‘chaos’ I felt I was working in I didn’t feel I could take on any new clients and give them the service I expect.

🖤 My normal weekly/monthly tasks just didn’t get done, no blogs, no newsletters, hardly any social (and I usually post once per day), basically I wasn’t interacting with my audience at all.  I also didn’t look at any insights, results, financials in any detail as I didn’t have time to plan and review goals I was just ‘doing the do’. 

But, as with all adversity comes the chance to change, refresh and do something new. And when better to do it than May, a month scattered with bank holidays and fun bringing the feeling of newness and freshness to our life- may as well breathe some of that into the business too?

If you’ve stumbled across this and it isn’t May, or Spring at all, then still feel free to head over to my Instagram highlights where by the 31st May 2022 you’ll find a highlight with 30 tips/ideas that will help you refresh and reorganize your business, whatever the time of year.

If it IS May, I invite you to join me from the 1st over on Instagram for these tips. 

Now, I’m not suggesting you do them ALL, they might not be suitable for you right now, they might not fit with your goals and some of them might be something you need to do further down the line.  One thing about a Spring clean is to do the things you think will benefit you NOT just doing things because you think you should.

Even if you don’t do the things straight away you will get some tips and ideas for future plans. 

I’ve kickstarted it myself with some small changes;

🖤 Blocked time in the diary to write my weekly blog AND newsletter.

🖤 Blocked time to schedule a weeks worth of posts once a week.

🖤 Put some gym/me time slots back into my diary.

🖤 Refreshed my social graphic templates.

🖤 Emptied my wire board in my office to refresh with new imagery and inspiration (still empty so I do need to move on that).

I’d love you to join me over here on Instagram, we can do this together.  

Speak soon,

Ellen x