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You run your business because you are good at the main thing you do. For instance…

🖤 Psychic medium- you’re a good reader who can guide people.

🖤 Women’s coach- you’re a great, compassionate coach who can help women. 

🖤 Spiritual coach- you’re an awesome coach supporting people on their journey. 

🖤 Stylist- you’re spending your time helping people revitalize their style and confidence.

🖤 Product creator- you have an amazing product that brings people joy. 

What you don’t have to be good at is everything else.  But it’s the everything else that seems to be taking up your time, brain space, sapping your creativity and leaking your energy.  As you know, this leaves very little for much else.  And that in itself can leave you feeling resentful towards your business and even your clients or customers, before you know it you have the same Sunday night dread you had when you were in a ‘normal job’ and that Sunday night dread was one of the main things you thought you’d never feel.  

You’re self-employed, you’re working your dream job, you’re running your own life…so why does it feel so dam difficult.

Because, you’re not meant to do it alone.  Running your creative, expressive or spiritual business doesn’t mean you should be able to be the tech expert, understand all the systems, spend all the time needed on admin to keep the business structured and organised.  What you actually find is doing those things take time and focus away from the work that you’re amazing at, the work that gives you motivation, energy and joy. 

So, outsourcing can save your sanity, boost your productivity and raise your profits and all of these…

1- BOOST and maximise that productivity. 

If a VA is managing your day to day tasks, has limited those tasks and supported you with automation then you have time, brain space and energy to do the stuff that only you can do and that matters the most to your sales and profits.

2- Take advantage of the skills a VA has. 

We’ve done a lot of different tasks for a lot of different clients so we can help you with the way you do things and what you do, making your time more predictive. 

3- Support your growth. 

Obviously with your time and energy back and your focus in the right place your business will feel the benefit and it will grow.  But alongside that, I help keep you accountable so things just get done. 

4-  Move things forwards. 

If you’ve had something on your to do list that is blocking you and your plans we will always find a way to unblock that block.  So for instance if you are wanting to launch a membership for your clients the most common blocks are usually- knowing a system (and then figuring it out), being accountable to create content, support with marketing…the list goes on.

5- Boost your creativity. 

My clients often find a renewed level of creativity when they’ve worked with us for a couple of months (usually sooner).  Your days become clearer, your mind becomes more focussed, your energy is protected so you find yourself back to your creative ways in no time. 

6- Things don’t ‘pile up’. 

Someone else is in your email inbox- so when you log in, it’s focussed, clear NO SPAM 🎉.  Also as you give us set tasks you can literally forget about them, again buying you that energy and space to get back to creating.

7- Make things beautiful. 

Using my design skills, I bring everything in line for you, your brand becomes consistent and is across everything your clients and potential clients see.  What my clients like most about this is my knack just to spot gaps and fill them to create consistency.

8- Get your marketing and sales organised.

You might love writing content, creating your graphics, connecting with your audience, and that’s fabulous. What isn’t so great is if you can only do this every now and again, with no consistency it won’t be as effective as it can be.   

9- Keep on top of the niggly bits! 

Website updates, weekly emails, admin, email responses, updating documents, keeping on top of renewals…all of these things can slow you down, take your creative spirit and drain your energy.  We love doing them! 

10- Ideas/sounding board.

Working alone when you run your own business can be a bit scary.  You start to second doubt yourself, decisions become harder things just take more time.  I love to help you make that decision, be your 2nd business brain, fresh pair of eyes, listen to your ideas.  It truly helps.

So, why wouldn’t you want this in your business?

Book a call here, let’s see how we will fit together…